I have a small

talent with words. But when I’m hitting on all cylinders, damn I’m good! Melissa wrote a very lovely post the other day about my writing and I loved the examples she chose to share especially the one about music. It reminded that when I an good I am very very good. (And when I am bad, well, we won’t tawk about that.)

I now have it in my head that I should chose the good stuff, prose and poetry, and book it up the way I did with my Today’s Conversation blog, and maybe even try to sell it (OMG, do you hear me LOL).

So now I have to do the rabbit hole thing and find out all that needs to be done practicality-wise, since the writing is all done. I was going to go the Amazon route but that seems to complicated (oh jeeze!) so I’ve signed up with Lulu Press. The good thing with Lulu press is I can put the book together via OpenOffice then decide whether I want to do the print/ebook/sell thing or just have some printed as gifts – the way I did with Today’s Conversation. ‘Vanity of vanities; all is vanity”

Moving on – Is there anything more shocking than seeing a candid photo of yourself? Daughter sent some photos from her vacation and there were a few of me that were taken when I wasn’t looking (so to speak) – Oh my word!

At the very least I need to buy some new clothes – ones that actually fit me. Everything I own is at least 2 sizes too big, some are 3 sizes to big and trust me, baggy clothes do not flatter anyone. I lost like 35 pounds a few years ago and haven’t put any of it back on (I still need to lose 20 more) and I’m still wearing those ‘fat’ clothes. So not only are they several sizes too big they are also at least 10 years old, some even older. Such as –

This morning, getting dressed I decided to wear a favorite pair of yoga pants (not that I do yoga but they are comfy)  that I haven’t worn in about 4 or 5 years. I purchased the pants back in 2003 (yes, that’s what I said – 2003) when I was laid up with my back and needed some easy-on clothes. I won’t tell you what size they are but I had the darndest time trying to get them on because they are SO big I kept getting both legs into one pant leg! I pulled them up and they fell off!

I realize I rarely leave the apartment, and on a day to day basis no one sees me but my husband but damn, I looked horrible in those photos – I’m still chubby but not as chubby as I looked in my way to big (and old) clothes.

To end on a more cheerful note – while daughter and family were here on vacation they went into D.C.  to see the memorials – not that a 2 year old and a 4 year old were thrilled with that – here they are, my Baby Princesses, at the Lincoln Memorial –


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    1. First imma gonna hafta put the book together, then imma gonna hafta copyright them…THEN I can think about whether I actually want to publish for sale or just print a few as a vanity project. But thank you so much for the offer of help, much appreciated!😘

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  1. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed my promotion of your blog :). I only wish I had more LEGIT visitors (instead of the “I’ll follow you so you follow me” variety… so that I could pass that exposure onto your blog.
    I’ve promoted a few people who I think should be seen, you definitely shine in that small arena.
    I’d love it if you wrote an extended memoir, pretty much covering all the things you’ve touched on in pockets on your old blog. Teen years in NYC (unique to me – I was raised in Alaska so that’s super exotic to someone like me), up to your 30’s in therapy and then meeting the hubby at 44, life up to now etc. Not everyone has a talent for memoir but I think you have the gift.

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    1. I think memoir-y snapshots would work best for my life – like the cowboy gun and holster. I just went back to the old blog to look for something and found “More About Nick” and I was struck by something I wrote – again, sometimes I just hit it – “You can put a cast on a broken arm. How do you put a cast on a broken spirit, iodine on a lacerated soul, shattered self-esteem does not lend itself to crazy glue.” Good line – the reality is that is what I am – a writer of the occasional good line.

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      1. Yes, and there’s all kinds of passages with that much strength. I could have quoted a lot more but had to, you know, try and entice them with just a few nuggets so they’d go visit the links 😉

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    1. Thank you! Yes they are – I wish we lived closer to each other – this was the first time I’ve seen them in person and it may well be the only time I ever will…makes me so sad.

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  2. I’ll buy one of those books! I love to read anything you write!

    The Baby Princesses are absolutely precious. Pigtails on one and the other giggling – love it! No matter how big your clothes are, I’m glad you have photos of you all together. I still struggle with photos of myself even when my clothes fit but at least now I’m in the photos whereas before I avoided them. Progess I guess!

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    1. You would already have read anything in the book – maybe an odd poem or two I never published on any of my blogs…
      I don’t mind headshots – my face is my face – but yikes – my body! Especially in the godawful baggy-ass clothes!

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  3. You underestimate yourself. You have more than a “small” talent with words. I’d say you have a very large talent. You write in a way I never could.
    Cute picture of the littles.

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    1. And I envy your creativity with all the crafts you make – everyday I see my penguin and mouse and they always make me smile….


  4. I wish you well with your book project. It sounds daunting to me, but I’m sure you can handle it. As for candid photos of myself, hate them. I don’t like the posed ones much better, though.

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    1. I absolutely hate having my photo taken – the camera doesn’t lie and yet the mirror is so much kinder! As for the book thingy, I think it shall just be a vanity project – not for sale, just for me and posterity 😹 😹 ROFLMAO

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