Yup, I’m a cheerleader

Lisa always says nice things about me. As does Sharla. My cheerleaders! Back in the day I am proud to say I was their cheerleader. I believed in them then, as I believe in them now, and I watched them grow in their personhood. Fabulous ladies both.

I once bemoaned that I helped everyone get what they needed while no one helped me and I got nothing that I needed. The response was “Maybe that’s your purpose in life, to teach; to give but not get” I thought that was harsh then, I think it is harsh now. But part of it is comforting.

My shrink once said to me, in wonderment “You are basically a happy person”  You may not believe it by what you read here but I am. Happy (and laughter) are my go-to’s. Someone also said about me “No matter what time I wake you up, you always wake up happy” And someone else said “Whenever I think of you, I always remember you as smiling”

And then there was the observation “I never want to be on your shit list” Hey, Saint is just part of my name, not who I am.

Hells bells people – you can put that on my gravestone (were I to have a gravestone, which I won’t). “She was basically a happy person” or “She always woke up happy” or “She always smiled”

Pardon my arrogance but – yup, I’m a happy person. I am SO worth knowing. And you couldn’t have a better friend or cheerleader. I’m loyal to a fault, until you get on the above-mentioned shit list. You definitely do not want to be there.

I can slam doors and burn bridges with the best of them and quite frankly never regretted doing it. The trick is in the timing – my regrets only come in not doing it sooner, not in having done it.

I’m a red balloon person – to my mind nothing is more joyous and hopeful than a red balloon. And when you let go of the string, and your balloon floats up and away – the joy and hope goes with it – not YOURS, that you keep. The next person to look up and see that red balloon – may they also feel joy and hope.

16 thoughts on “Yup, I’m a cheerleader

  1. ❤️Wishing you every happy ending you seek! Hoping you know your huge part in my life brings us joy. I’m sorry if I’ve been distant lately… so much going on but you are never far from my mind and I do check in daily or when your posts land in my email. I just sometimes don’t have the words.

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    1. You are the busiest person I know! Don’t know how you juggle and do all that you do. I was looking at your latest batch of photos on FB and thought I could decorate my whole apartment with them – I have the angel photos in the hallway and that wonderful beach photo in the dining room…Not such a big presence in your life now, my work is done 💜 My love goes on…


  2. I think I would much rather have people describe me as a happy person than the usual “She’s a bitch” description. I’m not saying I can’t be one but my reputation has grown, in part, on it’s own.

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    1. Somewhere I have a key fob that reads something to the effect of “You say I’m a bitch as if that is a bad thing” LOL I worked for a very large international corporation and there I was known as the ‘Ice Queen” and the “Ice Bitch” so – perhaps I am just a happy bitch!


  3. Yes, l can see you being a red balloon also Grace – an interesting quote that makes you ponder on the burning question .. what colour balloon are you? I used to be a red balloon for sure, these days l would probably alocate me to a vibrant green one with yellow spots – good post 🙂

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    1. Hi Rory – I sometimes to hesitate to comment on your blog – but I did want to say – my word no wonder you are exhausted! And I still think you might make a lovely career out of garden design – you know for us regular folks who don’t know a spade from a teaspoon or a rose from a daisy.

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          1. That’s upset me a bit. You know Grace. I was upstairs in bed reading blogs when l saw this comment. So l have come down switched the computer back on to answer before l retire for the night.

            I read from a very small circle of bloggers – did you know that? i read from a total of 28 only. They are who l consider my personal favourite bloggers, those that l try to read as often as l can – be that every 7,10 or 14 days , l try to read once a week, but sadly l can’t always get that done.

            but the point l am making is this ……. l don’t have an inner circle, l have changed my personal blog to be that of a very private blog these days as in l really only truly write for those bloggers l consider to be my friends.

            If that small group of people is classed as an inner circle, so be it ………. but hey guess what Grace, l consider you a friend, and l write for you too, meaning if such an inner circle existed, then you are also in that small group – so please don’t hesitate to comment – just be you, that’s why l like you .. for your straight talkin 🙂

            Have a good evening Grace.

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            1. And I saw your comment as I was going off to bed…I am sorry for getting you up. You are certainly not responsible for how I feel, and I know you know that. I’m sure there might be people who read my blog and the comments and feel “outside” and would hesitate to comment. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much since I started reading it and I worry a bit about you and Suze’s health, it’s been a challenging year for you both (to put it mildly).

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  4. Ps occasionally l write passworded controlled posts the password isn’t a secret it is found on mt about me page at the bottom. The posts are mostly .journal . Posts that many might not be interested in, but a few see them.

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    1. A password protected post is not somewhere I would go without an invitation. It’s a matter of respect. I know sometimes a person just wants to write things out and not particularly to share them. Some thoughts are just for ourselves.

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      1. Journal posts are not, not secret, they are mostly controlled so that my closest friends can read them first and comment. Things have changed in my blog quite significantly in the last six weeks, many have not even realised just how much has changed.

        The password posts are under password for only three days, then they go public. It’s mostly done to stop those who simply hit like for the sake of it, so when a post becomes visible three days later, those who do care can read and comment should they wish.

        I have just published one and another will publish tomorrow. But the Journal posts are the only series that came back from the 321 blog which closed last month.

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  5. I’m grateful you’ve been my cheerleader! I truly believe your words are what started this journey I’ve been on because you made me believe I was worth it. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been ready when I was which means I wouldn’t be where I am today. Love you! I wish you to always be happy!

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