What’s with Cleveland?

My automatic reaction to any loud noise is “They heard that in Cleveland!”

Loud noises include my husband’s snoring and coughing (“Cleveland just called, they said “Cut that out”). Also the 747 lawnmowers, the leaf blowers, thunder, the neighbors, and my husband blasing the tv. My reaction is always some form of “They heard that in Cleveland”

I’ve never been to Cleveland and I actually have to think long and hard to remember what state it is in – Ohio. So I wonder why my brain makes that connection.

Tootling around some odd things this morning I came across this and it made me laugh. I read it to my husband and he also laughed – out loud, an odd occurrence. Sometimes something just catches my fancy for no rational reason –


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    1. Ok, that made me LOL – also curious – what is New York-y in all of this? (and I am the epitome of that trite saying – you can take the girl out of the Bronx but you can’t take the Bronx out of the girl. Nothing drove that home to me more than my encounter with the ‘medical professionals’ in August. I need to demand an interpreter the next time I talk to any of these people – someone old, Italian and from the Bronx who speaks sarcasm and irony.)

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      1. Haha, hard to describe but I know it when I see it and I love it. My mom is about your age and has a similar thing. Except that her city was Chicago. It’s just that no-bullshit and straight to the point vibe. It’s very familiar to me.

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        1. Oy, see that’s the thing about New York, and I don’t know if it’s so anymore, what with all us old timers either dead or relocated. New York the ultimate city of immigrants, there was a time where everyone spoke multiple languages whether they realized it or not…”From your lips to God’s ears” is, to the best of my knowledge, a Yiddishism – said with a New York Yiddish accent – I wonder how prevalent that NY Yiddish accent is these days – new generations from different countries and cultures have perhaps added new accents and new isms. (Oh and you are right on about hormone fluctuations and sleep – from today’s Washington Post -https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/sleep-hormones-link/2021/09/17/603c5534-f538-11eb-9738-8395ec2a44e7_story.html_)

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          1. Thanks for the article plug. I devour fact based or educational articles like that. (Which ironically probably does not help sleep!!!) I will check that out later.
            Yeah… sigh.. at almost 42 I am a hormone mess. I’m either pmsing or feeling quite frisky and getting zits while feeling frisky. It’s like being a teen again.

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  1. The line “Loud noises including my husband’s snoring and coughing” made me laugh! Especially because you then followed it with more common loud noises like leaf blowers and loud tv. I get that people snore and cough but those are two of the the most annoying noises ever! J used to snore and I always poked him to wake him up hoping I had enough time to fall back to sleep before he snored again. Usually I didn’t. He hasn’t snored in a couple of years but I remember that sound well so that line struck me as funny!

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  2. Well Cleveland is central kind of. But as a measure of loudness I would guess it could be louder… like, they heard that in California!! Now that would be loud.

    I usually say to the kids, “I don’t think the neighbors can hear you yet. Try louder.”

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