This is so stupid I had to laugh

We live in a condo apartment building and most apartment buildings require that 80% of the floors must be covered. We have area rugs and over the years I have gone through many different kinds of area rugs, all bought online. I made a huge mistake several years ago and bought a rug for the bedroom that was a nightmare. I recently got rid of it. Another nightmare, don’t ask.

Pretty soon the maintenance people will be coming around to change the filters in the HVAC units and inspect for leaks and, oh yeah, check to see that floors are covered. So…bedroom is rug free but there isn’t that much bare floor space – just around the bed. My brilliant idea was to buy runners – 3 of them to go around the bed (the head of the bed is pushed against a wall.

My go to for rugs is Lots of choices, fabulous prices, no shipping charges and because they are just 2 states away I usually get my rugs in 2 days.

So – here is the stupid. I ordered the runners on Friday, 9/24 and they shipped the same day via FedEx. I received them today, Friday, Oct 1st. The rugs shipped out of South Carolina coming to me here in Arlington VA –

Why did it take so long to get here? Check this out –

The rugs went from Fort Mill. SC to Texas; from Texas to Tennessee; from Tennessee to Maryland  and finally Maryland to Virginia.

Holy crap!

13 thoughts on “This is so stupid I had to laugh

  1. It;s like flying– have to go east to get west, or this case the runners took a runner west to get east and south to get north. Logistics. No, that does not say logic.

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    1. i said to George – “They could have said to one of their employees, Hey, wanna run these up the road for us?” Probably would have been cheaper than whatever they paid FedEx.


    1. Coffee I ordered from Amazon over a month ago is still somewhere in Colorado…and I’m surrounded by huge Amazon warehouses so they’re shipping a grocery item from Colorado??? (Yes, I got a refund…we all came to the same conclusion that the order was ‘lost’)


        1. Nope not an easy task – we have area rugs in our apartment and they are all ‘tacked’ down with double-sided carpet tape so my husband, who walks with a cane, won’t trip over them (and also to keep them from slipping and sliding). To position the rugs, or in this case the runners, I have to get down on the floor to tape them down, no easy feat, and even more difficult, getting back up again. I also use a cane on occasion, those occasions becoming more frequent. Being old and somewhat disabled is a real PITA.

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          1. Not good, l can relate already to the getting up and down situation – have you considered knee pads? not being flippant, but as bad as things are for me getting up and down, when l am down, because my right knee is shattered, l have to use pads, which makes the getting up and down marginally easier?

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