Going forward

Birthday passed. I received gorgeous cards from Melissa, Helen and Sharla – really gorgeous and I will save them. I received a lovely email from David. I received a card from my fabulous granddaughters decorated with their artwork. The 4 year old wrote “Nonna” in the card and drew a ghost, the ghost’s tent and a walkway to the tent – I’m not sure what that’s about but I also received a Facetime call with the girls and they do have a unicorn tent in their room. The 2-year old sent a picture of a dragon moth. Again,  I have no idea where they get these ideas from. I received beautiful flowers and a bouquet of fruit.

And I feel no different. Jennifer wrote that she didn’t know how I felt about being 75 I replied that in my inner world I still have a future and grandiose plans. The reality is that I don’t have much of a future but I have a helluva past!

I don’t talk much about the health challenges my husband and I are facing because I think it puts a burden on the people who read/hear about them. My current health problems are of my own making – I stopped taking prescribed medication without consulting my doctor and that resulted in another internal bleed. Now I’m fighting back from that. I really need to get that damn thing out of my stomach so I’m looking at some form of stomach surgery to get it out – my doctor originally had dismissed surgery because of my age but  I think it really has to be put on the table. I suppose it will depend on what my cardiologist says and that review isn’t until February.

My husband’s health is one reason I have put off any thoughts of surgery, he can’t really be left on his own and we have no support system here. It worries me greatly.

With the start of October, between my husband and I, we have medical appointments just about every week until the end of the year. Oh joy!

So what’s fun? My husband and I usually read while we eat lunch (don’t judge – when you have spent the last 12 years only interacting with one person 24/7/365 conversation can run thin). Yesterday I was eating, reading and laughing. My husband made a little amused sound and I said “What?” and he said “It amuses me that you can eat and laugh at the same time”

And that’s me – and I am truly vain and egotistical about it – no matter what – I laugh. I love that about me. I love the laughter. I love the smiles. Go Me!

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    1. I think of all the whining and whinging I do and if that’s all you know about me then you don’t know that, as my shrink once said, I’m basically a happy person. I suppose there have been days when I couldn’t find a laugh but they are few.


  1. Glad you received the card I sent. Hope you can get that stomach thing taken care of. I don’t think it puts a burden on ppl to read about your things. But I also know you are a private person in a lot of ways. Yes, your laughing through it all is pretty awesome.

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    1. I suppose there are times when I have a laugh and some might wonder how and why – a sense of the absurd I suppose. (How are you feeling? The bronchial thing clearing up?)

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      1. Thanks for asking 💜. I am still exhausted upon very much exertion (sometimes just loading the dishwasher exhausts me), but on the whole I think I am on the mend. I no longer have terrible headaches. It’s like it started in the head and moved down to the lungs. There’s inflammation but I think my body is winning. My task now is to avoid drinking just because I am anxious about the bug. I’ve drank like twice since being ill because I’m an asshole like that. Probably not the best immune booster.

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  2. Laughter is the best medicine so they say. I’m glad you give yourself that dose 🙂
    I used to read at the dinner table and once day Wade commented on me always reading while we eat. I told him if he preferred we could talk instead. His reply was no, you go ahead and keep reading….lol

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    1. Hard to talk and eat tho…Eat and read? Perfect! Eat and read and laugh – my husband finds that amusing. As long as I’m not laughing with my mouth open and full of food – how do you NOT laugh when something is funny?


  3. I’m glad you had a lovely birthday! How sweet that the little ones made you a card and you Facetimed with them too!

    Eating, reading and laughing sounds perfect to me! Three things that everyone needs in their lives!

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