What’s fun?

The grocery store this morning. First up – this guy – his eyes and his neck are all flashy – there’s a video of him in action on my IG account.

The second floor of the store has the pharmacy, all kinds of drug stores items, household items, greetings cards and – wine and fancy beer (the non-fancy beer is on the first floor). Thursday is Senior Citizen Discount day. While we were sitting waiting to get our flu shots a little old lady, older than dirt, shuffling behind her cart passed by us – what was in her shopping cart? Three bottles of wine and two bottles of mouthwash. There’s a story there!

Rory posed an interesting question today, “The question today is … at what age should children be indoctrinated into their parents belief system?” and it tickled my fancy and I overshared in a comment – here’s what I said:

My own “indoctrination” was pretty liberal – it didn’t matter to my parents what church we went to – the rule was come Sunday morning our butts were in a pew somewhere – anywhere. Folks think all Italians are Roman Catholic – couldn’t be further from the truth. My father and his father and most of his relatives were Masons – some of the women in the family were Eastern Star – so NOT Catholic. My mother’s family were Catholic but only as it was convenient. I have no idea if I was baptized, there are no records. My elder male sibling took to the Catholic church like a duck to water – my only exposure within memory was the free lunch program in the Summer that the Catholic church provided to us poor kids in the projects. I didn’t like those people or their attitude or their fancy church. I told my mother when I was 7 I wasn’t ever going to go there for any reason, she said OK since we are moving soon you can chose a church when we move…I went to a Lutheran church for awhile, didn’t like it, when I was 12 I went to a Congregational Church and there I found a home. My family followed me from church to church. My elder male sibling made first holy communion in the Catholic church, confirmation in the Lutheran church and became a deacon in the Congregational Church. The Congregational Church was the only one my younger brother ever attended.

Oh and to make things more interesting, my mother always expressed a desire to convert to Judaism –

When we moved to the nice upper middle class neighborhood in Queens (where we so didn’t fit in or belong), not only were we the darkest people in the neighborhood but come December when my mother put a Menorah in the front window – well, weren’t there a few raised eyebrows in the ‘hood.

Other than the fact that our building has no water all day because the county is digging up the streets to repair the water mains – It’s been a fun day so far…

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  1. Haha! I’m imagining all kinds of interesting stories with the wine and mouthwash!

    Your church experience sounds like J’s. He didn’t get to choose though. His mom made him get on whatever church bus came to pick him up. I lived in small town Kansas where I only remember two churches – one Catholic and one Methodist. We went to Methodist on Easter only I think. Because of my limited experience, I had no idea that question about indoctrination was referring to religion!

    I never realize how much I use water until it’s shut off! Hope they get the work done and your water back on quickly!

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    1. The water went back on around 4pm – we were told it would be out from 10am to 5pm. Just got an email from building management. The county wasn’t able to fix the leaking walter valve because another shut-off valve was broken so there will be another “no water” day – date to be determined…


  2. The wine and mouthwash reminded me of a guy Wade used to tell me about. He was the husband of a woman he worked with and he was an alcoholic. If he couldn’t get beer or booze he would drink mouthwash

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  3. I like the dragon. I can’t say for certain but I’d guess that my parents started indoctrinating me into their belief system on day one. They were sure of their faith in education and science– and Presbyterianism for good measure!

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    1. I don’t think we even had a bible in the house growing up and I only acquired one when I joined the Congregational Church – needed it for Sunday School. My parents put no value that I can remember on religion – only that, as I’ve said, that we children go to church, any church, didn’t matter. My parents didn’t go to church on a regular basis – only when required because of us kids – like some adult saying “Where are your parents?” So they officially joined each church I went to and that may have been the only time they stepped foot inside. I know they didn’t come to my confirmation or either of my siblings. Of course they never came to school events or even our school graduations – I always forged my parent’s signatures on report cards and such and they never even asked about such things. Oh wait, my mother came to my 8th graduation and then bitched and complained that she had to lose a half days work…sometimes I think I grew up in a vacuum.

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  4. I have seen that combination before, mouthwash and wine. I once tried helping a friend with an alcohol problem, he always had bottles of vodka and mouthwash and if there was no vodka, there was always wine.


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