And the beat goes on…

It’s an ugly yucky day.  To cheer myself up I decided to go through my favorites on youtube.  Which had me thinking about music – to quote myself:

We are music. The first sounds we hear are music – the beating of our mother’s heart; of our own. The low notes – we hear them first. Warm, dark, comforting. Rhythm – babies love the rhythm – rock them and they are soothed; swing them gently back and forth; our earliest memories, our first memories, are musical – rhythm and melody. The beat of the heart, the melody of the movement of the fluid we float in…our first memories. We share these memories, tho different rhythms and different melodies, and sing out to each other – hear me, hear my music.

Listen – the world is never silent, nor are we. Clear your mind and then listen – can you hear your song? Can you hear mine?” (Music is Magic)

The beat goes on. The beat is. The beat is what we hear first. And it is the beat that will always talk to us – be it either a shout or a whisper.

Dance to your own beat, only your heart knows.

9 thoughts on “And the beat goes on…

    1. Ah, another Drumline fan! I think it’s a really good movie and, of course, love the drumline segments. And yes, isn’t the Top Secret Drum Corps amazing – there are videos where they ‘duel’ with other drum corps – if you like precision drumming they are so fun to watch.

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  1. The Drumline guys are mesmerizing! I can’t imagine choreographing all that with all those drummers but it certainly works. I like the sound of Native American drums maybe because I’m a member of a Native American tribe – Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

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    1. Did you mean “Drumline” the movie or The Top Secret Drum Corps? Native American drumming is very different from other drumming I think. I’m sure there are war drum beats but all of what I have ever heard were softer drums and very hypnotic beats. I did not know you were Native American – I took a quick look at the web site for the Potawatomi. I’ve heard the name but know little about them.


  2. I loved Drumline as a movie and the sequel several years later. But l have always enjoyed anything that had a synchronised drum beat.

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      1. I was watching that video as l was writing my comment and they were brilliant!! But l really love that kind of professional micromanagement when it comes to beat.

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