Lawsy law but I’m a simple person

Today is Thursday, Senior Citizen Discount Day at the supermarket.  It is also the day when the hot water was shut off at 9am so they could repair the hot water boilers.

I got just about zero sleep last night. For the usual reason – my husband’s excessive sleep noises. I finally gave up and slept on the little twin bed in my ‘office’ – twin beds are not suitable for adults, especially an adult who tosses and turns and tends to spread out. I never quite fall into a deep sleep because I’m aware that I can easily roll right out of that damn bed.

Had to be be up early anyway so we could be all showered and dressed before 9am.

Consequently I was in a baaaad mood. Feeling all down and depressed and, tired. Oh so tired. Sleepy tired and tired-tired.

10am – off to the grocery store. Called an Uber and got this honking big Buick Enclave with a moonroof.

And that just cheered me up, simple person that I am. It’s a fairly bright and sunshiny day albeit a bit chilly at 40º.  It was just so fun and cheery to drive along looking at the sky and the clouds and the trees as we drove along. I leaned sideways, practically lying down. Even the utility wires looked interesting from that perspective.  I could have stayed in that car and rode around all day.

Happiness is – small things to a simple person.

10 thoughts on “Lawsy law but I’m a simple person

    1. I HAVE rolled right out of the stupid bed! I’m better off sleeping in my husband’s huge recliner…Actually his recliner is more comfortable than either of the beds we have…

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  1. People who can find joy in looking at utility wires through the sunroof of a honkin’ big automobile are the happiest people in the world!

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    1. With my head tilted so far over to my right, the utility wires seemed to cross over each other and kinda line up…it was so funny and weird.


  2. I would ride around all day with you! Our car has one of those panaromic moonroofs and I love looking up at the trees that hang over the road. It’s such a great perspective!

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