6 streaming services plus cable tv

and nothing to watch.

This is us –

My husband will watch almost any crap – actually once it gets to be around 8:30pm, he will sleep through almost any crap. I have zero patience with sitting passively staring at the screen. Anything longer than 90 minutes and I’m gone.

Whenever I am passively observing, even if it is something I am interested in, I keep the remote in hand so I can fast forward through the boring parts – and there are so many boring parts. If I’m watching with with my husband I can’t do that – it annoys him for some reason.

Plus – my husband watches girlie shows, like “The Good Witch”, rom-coms and then crazy violent stuff like “Vikings”. Um, no.

What do I like to watch? Pretty much nothing, truth to tell. I’m just not a watcher.

I grew up with television – I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have a tv and I’m 75 years old. I think my father bought a tv in the late 1940’s. And boy did we have that tv a long time.  It was a whopping 12 inches. Of course nowadays people watch movies on their phones – Oy.

All the years I lived alone the tv was in a closet on a rolling cart. I’d just take it out when there was something I wanted to watch. One time a friend came over and he wanted to catch a baseball game. I rolled out the tv and turned it on and whoops – it was broken. He asked me how long it had been broken and I couldn’t remember the last time I had used it.

I remember when I was a kid we watched a lot of tv, maybe I had more patience as a kid. Because I have no patience as an adult.  Thank goodness for streaming, at least I don’t have to sit through commercials.

Tuesday Britbox finally drops Season 6 of “Shetland”. Tonight Acorn will have another “Dalgliesh” and the final episode of “Manhunt”.

I really liked the original ‘Dalgliesh” with Roy Marsden. Ok, I thought he was kinda dishy, I have a thing for tall skinny men. I just looked up the series and Martin Shaw starred in the last two series. I think Martin Shaw is kinda dishy too even tho he isn’t tall and skinny.

If you decide to look up either of those 2 actors, go for photos of their younger selves.   Actually, I still think they are dishy, for their age, which is pretty much my age, so that works out.

Neither was conventionally handsome but then I never went for the conventionally handsome. Hell, when I was 11 I had a major crush on Richard Boone in “Have Gun, Will Travel”

I always had a thing for cowboys, I wanted to be one – the story of me, the carnival and the cowboy gun and holster.

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    1. No, I never have. I was thinking the other day about when people do that – think about the “what if I had done this or that differently” – I don’t have enough imagination to play that game. I suppose NOT getting what I wanted just more deeply solidified my stubbornness and tenacity. There were things I really, really, wanted and, tho it took many years, I did manage to get them by the dint of my own efforts. Ain’t nobody ever gave me nuthin’ but a long hard way to go…and thankfully I WAS given the tools to be able to travel that long hard way.


  1. I stopped watching TV series quite a while back. I don’t have the patience of the concentration to keep up with a plot line.

    I have a TV sitting in my living room that I haven’t used for several years, since I decided to stop paying for cable. Now I watch everything on my laptop. I’m too cheap to pay for Netflix, but my brother has an account that I use.

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    1. Aside from the local news we watch nothing via cable tv – everything is via streaming. I should sit down with my little calculator and see how much I would have to pay to cancel my contract versus what I would save if I did. Hulu Live now carries the stations my husband watches the news on so I can just up my service with them. Why do we have to the local news stations anyway? Because my husband, who never leaves the apartment likes the weatherman…No one really understands what I’m dealing with with my husband.

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    1. I choose movies based on their length – anything over 90 minutes gets a pass. Nature/history/education shows – can’t say I have any interest. What is an ‘education” show?


  2. 6 streaming services? I didn’t even know there were 6 available! Is there one you prefer more than others? We have Disney+ but I rarely watch it. We watched Cruella recently and sometimes I watch National Geographic through it. I prefer the TV off but J watches sports and stuff after I go upstairs to read.

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    1. We have Hulu+, Netflix, Acorn, Britbox, PBS streaming courtesy of my PBS membership and of course Prime, courtesy of my Amazon Prime membership. And with all of that – still nothing to watch LOL


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