$3.00 of mixed buns, please

That was the standard Sunday morning order at the bakery.

My father always got up early, out of habit, and he would drive to the bakery and order “$3.00 of mixed buns”, buy the Sunday papers, The Daily News, The Daily Mirror and The New York Journal American. The Long Island Daily Press was delivered and by the time the rest of us got up it was breakfast and comics time.  Well, breakfast anyway, Sunday School started at 9:30am so no time to read the funnies.

What brought this to mind was a photo I saw on IG that looked like a tea biscuit, which reminded me of $3.00 of mixed buns.

I Googled ‘tea biscuit’ and discovered it is considered to be scone like, all I know is they were my favorites. The thing with tea biscuits is, very much like scones, you have to eat them fresh, very fresh, else they become hockey pucks.

I was trying to remember what other goodies were in the mixed buns mix – crumb buns certainly, probably a Danish or two, maybe cinnamon buns, I think the tea biscuits had to be a special request.

At any rate there was always one, for me, with jam and tea for breakfast on Sunday morning.

9 thoughts on “$3.00 of mixed buns, please

    1. It seems the only difference between tea biscuits and scones is that scones have eggs in the recipe – I never cared for scones I always found them dry but tea biscuits – Ahh – maybe because we always got them super fresh from the oven. Or maybe I just love any kind of biscuit, I’d rather have biscuits than bread.

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  1. I’ve not heard of tea biscuits before but now I’m curious! My grandma owned a bakery called Katie’s Korner in our little town in Kansas so we’d have donuts or pastries often. After seeing and smelling hundreds of glazed donuts, it’s kinda why I can’t stand them to this day!

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    1. Actually they are just your basic biscuit but sweeter and usually with raisins…like a scone but smaller, rounder and a softer fluffier texture. I do not like scones – they seem drier, crumblier and just kinda tasteless no matter what they put in them.

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