Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ I don’t do “prompts” but there is a Sunday music thing that several people who I follow do, and today it made me think of a beautiful but sad song that I hadn’t listened to in awhile – Sing You Home by Ennis.

I’ve got my Youtube favorites playing in the background and there are so many sad songs on it. Why do sad songs, slow ballads,  capture our minds so much? Oh there are a few hoppin’ and boppin’ songs on the list but slow sad songs predominate.

~ I’m having a bit of fun with Instagram – creating a ‘post’, using Canva, of my favorite quotes. With Canva I don’t have to worry about getting the post sized correctly or editing it – it’s kinda foolproof and easy. I’m even using my own photos for backgrounds…It’s fun.

(Currently playing: Perhaps Love – John Denver and Placido Domingo. Next up: The brilliant rendition of Sounds of Silence performed by Disturbed.)

~ Ok, now I’m bopping to Mercy by Duffy. Yeah, babe!

~ Lawsy but I do love to dance.  You can bet in my day I cleared the dance floor – I never needed a partner because my body has to do it’s own thing – and it ain’t like anybody elses thing.  I could never learn dances with predetermined steps – they weren’t MY steps, MY moves. And yet, I took tap dancing lessons when I was in my late 30’s – and in my usual backward way I got the hard steps easily and the easy steps tripped me up. Had the dance teacher shaking his head.

(Goodnight Moon by Shiveree – such a great dance song, and I am.)

~ It is difficult to type and dance at the same time…I may wrap this up early so I can get out of this chair and dance on my feet instead of my butt.  There was more I wanted to write but the hell with it, I gotta dance so why don’t I just Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

9 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

    1. I like that I don’t have to worry about the correct size – I just pull up a blank Instagram post template and bingo – the right size. With my back any heavy duty dancing I pay for…but it’s worth it.

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    1. I think that is the most brilliant version of Sounds of Silence. And the live version that I posted is the best of all the videos available. He puts the emotion into it that Simon & Garfunkle left out. It’s an angry song and S&G did it as a soft thing – I never really experienced the meaning of the song until I heard the Disturbed version – it made the lyrics more meaningful.

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    1. All favorites of mine…I have to scroll through my youtube favorites every now and then and remind myself. I’ve got a few obscure jazz pieces on the list – really great pieces.

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