Thissa and Thatta

Which is basically Miscellaneous Mishegoss (which is the tagline for the blog).

I was going to talk about some back-and-forth between me and Melissa in the comments on the previous post but it’s about computers and such. If you know any people in their mid-70’s get them talking about what the world was like back when they were young.  I venture to say that no matter where they lived, they lived in interesting times.

On to corporate slickness –

I subscribe to home delivery of the Washington Post, which is my ‘local’ newspaper given that I live in Northern Virginia (which is not to be confused with any part of Virginia that is NOT Northern Virginia.)  Today I got an email that informed me of a special edition – See at the bottom, the sentence I have outlined in red? “All home delivery subscribers will be charged the Sunday home delivery rate for this special edition” –

So we get charged EXTRA for this ‘special edition’ whether we want it or not. But wait! – see that “Have Questions?” and “Visit us at ….”

Well if you are smart you DO go visit them and sign into your account and you will find this –

Well you KNOW I’m opting out. Click that link and you get –

Aha! I still get the special edition which will go directly in the recycle bin and I WON’T be charged extra. Bezos thinks he’s slick and I wonder how many people get that email, never read it completely and never opt out?  I’m sure I am the victim of other subtle scams and corporate slickness – but not this one!

9 thoughts on “Thissa and Thatta

    1. I know newspapers are under the financial gun but this is just petty! And besides Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post – he can afford to subsidize it…


    1. I don’t know when I caught this little scam but they’ve been doing it for several years that I know of…I just wonder where I could post a little warning about this for the unsuspecting. Of course this IS Northern Virginia so they might just consider paying for something they don’t want is a public service or something – you know supporting your local newspaper…

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  1. Well, whaddya know! Opting out of the expanded edition doesn’t mean opting out of the expanded edition but instead opting out of paying for it! Good job catching that!

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    1. They’ve been doing this for years, I don’t remember when I first caught on but boy was I pissed when I realized what they were doing.


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