How sad when your world has gotten so small

that you dream about a blog post.

Last night I dreamt that I was reading a blog post that kept referring to me – part of it read “I keep referring to Grace (and my name was a clickable link to this blog) but I can’t help it. One of the best things about her is that she is always the first to admit when she is wrong

Now there’s the kicker “...she is always the first to admit when she is wrong” What in heaven’s name does that mean?

In the dream I see myself sitting at my desk reading the blog post on my computer. I can even tell you what the blog looks like. I keep scrolling through the post and I keep seeing my name as a clickable link but that sentence is the only one that I remember.

In the dream I am trying to find out whose blog it is and I discover the blog belongs to – an actor, whose name I can’t recall but whose face I can clearly see. This actor is in an old British tv series we are watching on Acorn – I know the name of the character he plays but not the name of the actor. He’s an old guy in the series and would be even older now since the series stopped filming 7 or 8 years ago.

Of all my traits, good and bad, why is this one so important? What is it about this trait that makes it stand out in my mind? Because it is my mind that is creating this dream, about this subject. What has happened recently that my being able to admit when I am wrong is of any importance or it being something to remark upon? What is it in my subconscious that wants attention?

It’s something to wonder about.

9 thoughts on “How sad when your world has gotten so small

  1. A while back I had heard something about Chris Evans and remembering he had accidentally posted a dick pic online. At a different point in time, I’d been looking something up to do with my hometown. My brain managed to pull together those two topics and blogging all in one dream.

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    1. Okayy – I have no idea who Chris Evans is, I assume: a) he is famous for something b) he is considered attractive and c) he is young(ish). The actor with the “blog” is: a) old, b) I had watched an episode of the show last night and he was featured and c) attractiveness does not come into it because when he was born he was probably so ugly the doctor slapped his mother! No, I think there is something going on in my subconscious or something is going to come up where that trait will play some part. Oooh – can’t wait for that shoe to drop.

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  2. Maybe it’s true but you haven’t been wrong yet so haven’t had to admit it! There are a whole lot of other things that I’d say are the best things about you!

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    1. OMG Sharla I am wrong all the time – maybe not about facts because they are easy to verify before hand but there are many ways to be wrong; many ways to make mistakes; many things that must be admitted to and apologized for – every day just about I apologize for being wrong or IN the wrong.


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