It’s been a mostly sleepless week…

Thursday night I didn’t get to sleep until Friday afternoon – so that was what – about 34 straight hours without sleep…not a record for me, I’ve gone longer without sleep. I’m usually operating on 3 to 5 hours sleep a night and no naps during the day.

I was stressed, couldn’t get my brain to shut off and shut up – which is usually the situation. No, nothing works until exhaustion finally settles in.

Thursday we finally got our booster shots. Originally we got the J&J so for the booster we got the Moderna. According to my husband that is the best booster for the J&J. Normally I wouldn’t put too much stock into what my husband recommends but according to World News Tonight the Moderna is the most effective. Okey-dokey then. No side effects other than a sore arm for a day or so. Today is Saturday and sore arm is no longer sore.

This morning my husband and I were talking about Miss Frankie – again. We talk about her a lot. She still hangs around; I still hear her sometimes in the litter box, the one that isn’t there anymore because we have no more cats. We miss living with a cat but we are too old to have another – wouldn’t want the cat outliving us and there is always the issue of my husband’s balance/vertigo. A cat in the house might prove fatal for him – a tripping and falling hazard.

We also talked about how much work a cat is – you don’t realize it until you don’t have to vacuum every other day and sweep the days you don’t vacuum. Or the extra laundry because you are always washing blankets and bathroom rugs because of the cat hair. Scooping the litter box several times a day, dumping old kitty litter and washing the litter box once a week. It all adds up. Now we can actually go two weeks without vacuuming. When they came and changed the air filters this Fall they were pretty much clean instead of being clogged up with cat hair and debris.

Still – I’d rather have a cat.

We also talked about June not having put in an appearance. The woman died May of 2020 and I have not “heard” a peep out of her. I’m hoping it stays that way; that she is just too embarrassed to show up. I wonder if she and my father have crossed paths yet – that would be a hoot.

There is a toy collection bin in the lobby and I bought a bunch of books – maybe not what anyone expects but – BOOKS!

Speaking of which – Everyone knows how much I like Elizabeth Strout and how much I was looking forward to her newest book (which my darling Miss Lisa sent me). Well, I’ve had the book almost 2 months now and I am dragging my ass through it. Where the hell was her editor on this? And I know she has a REAL editor.

The thing about her writing style is reading her books is like sitting down with an old friend and just talking – in “Oh, William” she is constantly saying ‘Well that is what I thought” or “That was what I was feeling”. These phrases, or something similar are repeated over and over, time and again – it’s driving me crazy.  I’m not loving this book. I guess you can’t win them all. I didn’t like her novel The Burgess Boys but My Name is Lucy Barton, Olive Kitteridge and Olive Again are just brilliant.

Ooo – it’s getting late. I’ve got this peddle thing – pretty much like using a stationary bike – and I’ve been pedaling 7 or 8 miles a day at approximately 15 miles per hour. Go Me! But I haven’t pedaled since Thursday so I gotta go do that…I’ll pedal like the devil, have a cup of tea and read – multitasking like a champ.

11 thoughts on “It’s been a mostly sleepless week…

    1. I had said that when my last cat had gone I would foster but with my husband’s disabilities that is not an option…I’ve lived with cats for 50 years – it’s a bit lonely and strange without one. Miss Frankie was a small cat with a huge personality.

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  1. I am selling one of those pedallers a Uten. I got it for Suze to help her recover with last year and she never used it.

    I had thought of a cat, but it wouldn’t be fair on 1] the birds l invite to the garden or 2] with the house being right on the main street and the cars not respecting any of the speed limits.

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    1. I bought it for my husband, he stopped using it after a few months. Me, I use it just about every day. As for cats…in the US it is frowned upon to let cats wander around outside. Indoor/outdoor cats are a no-no; outdoor cats are a no-no. Lots of people and organizations that TNR and feed feral cat colonies…Me – I never let my cats outside unless on a leash. I would never let my dog out to roam the neighborhood why would I let my cats?

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    1. Sometimes stupid stuff, sometimes stress stuff, this time it was medical/health stuff. Yeah, too bad about the book but not every book is a home run.


  2. I always buy books for toy collection bins too! Books were very important to me as a child so I want other kids to have their own books too.

    I completely understand you still hearing Miss Frankie. We heard Sadie get up from the tile floor for a long time after we lost her. I’ve never heard any other animal or person other than her. J says no more animals once our current ones are gone but I don’t know. They do tie us down especially since the cats need meds, Bella needs an inhaler and Lexi gets car sick. We’ll see.


    1. When I dropped the books off there were a lot of trucks! I made sure I bought books for boys and girls, some classics, across all ages and ethnicities.


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