Oh sometimes it’s so hard to be kind…

but I keep my mouth shut and my fingers off the keyboard.  And after doing a whole lot of mental fulminating I sit back and laugh. At what I’ve just heard/read and my reaction to it.

Let it be, Let it go –

Am I the only person on the planet that hasn’t seen ‘Frozen’? Or heard the song in its entirety? That’s what comes of not having children around. At least one of my granddaughters is a ‘Frozen’ fan freak and indeed I sent her a Christmas card that had the princess in the blue dress on it and if you press the button it plays the Let It Go song or some part of it. Admittedly I only played it once to make sure the card worked and I honestly can’t remember the song.

Also, am I the only person of my generation who never thought the Beatles were all that (and a bag of chips)?  And that said, I wouldn’t mind watching the new documentary “Get Back” but it’s on Disney+, a streaming channel I surely do not have.

Speaking of music (you didn’t know we were did you? HA! I am always talking about music) – it seems some necessary purchases I made via Amazon resulted in me getting a few dollars in credits for digital material. Pfft – what will $2.50 buy me? I’ll tell ya what it bought me – Hurt Nobody and In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company.

One of these days I’ll put together a playlist on my computer and then transfer it to an mp3 player. I never get passed 10 or so songs before the whole process just starts to the bore the hell out of me. I’ve also got to download a whole bunch of cd’s onto my computer, which involves an external cd drive – so much easier when those things were part and parcel of the computer itself. Ah, yes – the old grumpy in the old days lament.

Today  is Sunday, right? Usually we have pizza on Sunday but today I cooked (or what passes for cooking these days),  screws up the whole “what day of the week is it? ” system. So that makes tomorrow Monday – laundry day! Means getting up at o’dark thirty to get that done and then…husband has a 10:10 doctors appointment – no lollygagging around for me, do the laundry, shower and dress all by 9:15 – Phooey. Maybe pizza for lunch on Monday then…

11 thoughts on “Oh sometimes it’s so hard to be kind…

  1. No. I’m on the same planet (I think) and I’ve never seen the show, wouldn’t know a song from same if I heard it.
    Beatles? Meh. But then I’m not really your generation; what does one expect from the elders.
    Complaints about the new-fangled? I suspect it has always been thus. We like what we like because that’s what we learned and we’re good at it and all too keenly aware that we’ll never master the new. Use it, yes, badly; growl about it, certainly; why not?
    May you have a wonderful week, laundry day and all!

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    1. I’ve never been a Disney fan or an animation fan…Bambi’s mother died, I think that did it for me…It often bemuses me at what I have patience for and what I don’t. (Spell check does not like ‘bemuses’ – too old fashioned?)


      1. “bemuses” looks good to me. I am puzzled, too, by Disney’s penchant for screwing up everything historical or traditional fairy tale. I like Donald Duck, though.

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        1. I remember The Mickey Mouse Club and Jiminy Cricket – to this day I can’t spell encyclopedia unless I sing it! I just have no connection to anything Disney. I was working at a daycare center when The Lion King came out – when I got to work on Monday morning and asked the kiddos how their weekend was they were all talking at once about seeing the Lion King and all they could talk about is that the little lion’s father dies – they were so upset! Just like my only memory of Bambi is that his mother died – nice takeaway for little kids.


  2. I’ve seen Frozen and Frozen 2 many times and actually enjoy them! I know the songs too. No animal dies so it’s a movie I can actually watch. I like the songs in Moana better than Frozen though. Bambi traumatized me as a kid and I refuse to watch Lion King. They showed some of it during the World of Color at California Adventure and I was caught off guard and cried the rest of the night. Took me over five years and many reassurances that they removed that part before I’d go to the World of Color again.

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