How can anyone have a favorite anything?

There is so much beauty in the universe; so much good, so much delight, so much to amaze, so much to take your breath away, so much to make you laugh, so many poems, so many books, and so much music. The music the universe makes and the music we make. There is so much to remember within all of that…sometimes I think my brain will explode and my heart will burst.

6 thoughts on “How can anyone have a favorite anything?

  1. Excellent point! I find that as I get older, when I’m asked my favorite something or other, many things go through my mind. It ends up being what’s my favorite right now in that moment but it could change in the next moment because you’re so right, how can anyone have a favorite anything?

    I listened to that song all the way through twice. Her voice is so beautiful.

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    1. I find the music so beautiful that I no longer even listen to the lyrics, which are very romantic. And, LOL, yes to my favorite at this moment because that is so going to change in the next 2 and a half minutes.


  2. I love this song, there have been a few covers all excellent for one degree or another – but Flack mastered it.

    Have you ever heard Edwood Woodward’s cover?


    1. No, I never have. I listened to some of it but can’t say I liked it. I think I like the musical arrangement of Roberta Flack’s version more than words, which are romantic and a little hokey for me to tell the truth.

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