Snark Attack

It’s been slow in the ole blogosphere, January blahs? The few blogs I still read, all nice people, every one, and my reactions have been total snark – which I have kept to myself.

This afternoon I’ve been able to let loose a little snark – my husband being my only audience, the subject: football.

Some sort of break in the game; announcers go to the the coach of the losing team and ask the coach: “So what do you need to do to turn this game around?” Coach says: “Well we really need to score.”  My reaction? “No, shit Sherlock! What a great idea”

Which reminded me of the weather guy, saying “The ice is slippery.” Really? I never knew that – ice is slippery. Next thing you know, someone is gonna tell me water is wet –

I know these people are being put on the spot but – your game winning strategy is to score points? The ice is slippery, the rain is wet, the snow is cold – Seriously??? You’re on national television and this is the best you can come up with?

I can’t even….

8 thoughts on “Snark Attack

  1. Grace, that’s a little passive aggressive toward those of us who actually have been blogging a lot this week :). Knowing that Grace is snarking at our heartfelt posts. =). Geez.

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