It’s one thing to have a weird dream one night but to continue that same weird dream the NEXT night – a little disconcerting. Since you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you about it –

I’m sitting at the head of a long wooden table, I don’t know why that is important but it is, to my right sits a person I don’t know in reality but I can still see them so clearly that I would recognize them if I passed them on the street. I am seeing all of this as if I am standing behind the seated me – it’s like I am watching and listening to myself interacting with this person. The person is saying that everytime they transform they can’t remember who they used to be and they are puzzled by that. I SEE, not say, or hear, the word “Vampyre”, yes, spelled in the old way, and it hangs there in the air, in bold type, I think the font is Book Antiqua Bold. The person says “No, I’m not a vampyre”.

That was Sunday night.

Last night, Monday, the dream repeats only this time the person is saying “I’m transforming more often now and some memories are seeping through”

I’m half awake and half asleep, and thinking why am I dreaming this two nights in a row. Does it have anything to do with that tv show we are watching. I’m also processing, in my semi-consciousness, the spelling of vampyre and John Polidori and mentally writing this all out. (And here I am 8 hours later actually doing that…writing it all out.)

OTHER STUFFIn 2011 I started a blog called “Today’s Conversation” and it was the verbatim conversations my husband and I had – there is one entry marked 2010 but the next year entries picked up, 28 in 2011, and continued apace until 2015 with 22 entries that year.  2016 had only 8, after that – Pfft – just a few a year.

One of the problems with continuing the series was that so many of our conversations, while most often hilarious, required backstory, or video because I talk with my hands and often that is the funniest and most eloquent part of any conversation with me. By 2016 my husband and I had been living in a fairly socially isolated manner for 8 years, after 2016, the social isolation became pretty much complete. Conversations became even more, how should I put it, insular. Conversations were self-referential. We still laughed about them but they were impossible to convert to mere words and make any sense to anyone who was not there; or even any person who was not us.

Today I posted a conversation that took place after lunch today, it was too good not to. Since no one follows that blog anymore I decided to post a link on my Facebook page so all 11 of my friends could be amused. And you know what? Facebook won’t allow you to put a link to a personal blog – it goes against community standards, or rather the blog URL goes against community standards. WTH?

At any rate, should be be so inclined to sneak a peek into the goings on at la casa di persone noiose (that translates to ‘the home of boring people’) this was Today’s Conversation.

6 thoughts on “And…stuff

  1. That’s a strange dream and how interesting that it repeated itself.
    How odd that Facebook won’t allow a link to a personal blog. That’s plain crazy. I did read your conversation there though. Too funny.

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    1. It repeated but with new information! I’m kinda looking forward to going to bed tonite to see what happens! And that conversation takes place all day – at least the part of it that goes “Where’s your cane?”

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  2. As to the interpretation of your serial dream, I got nothing. On a positive note. It is wonderful that you and George still talk and find one another amusing. Facebook is such a weird platform and the “rules” seem to change at random or at the whim of an inscrutable individual, or maybe it is a manifestation of the world in which AI rules.

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  3. The dreams sound interesting and that it seemed to continue. I’ve had repeating dreams but not like two in a row like these of yours. Don’t know what they mean, but cool. 🙂
    I’m not understanding about the FB linking deal. I link every blog I post to FB with no problem. Hope you figure it out. 🙂

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    1. Since the blog post I wanted to link was from Blogger that might be it, or that it was on a personal account rather than a ‘page’ account – I don’t know. Can’t say I care much either. I rarely post anything personal on FB and certainly not my blog posts…

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