Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ It’s Sunday and therefore a day I can sleep/stay in bed for as long as I like but it seems my 4-year old granddaughter gets up early and decided to send Nonna emojis. I’m not that adept at texting and being still mostly asleep I sent some weird half-ass replies but did finally manage to text a dragon with the message “Tell Missy I am a dragon in the morning” and Da Mama texted back that Thira thought that was hilarious – that Nonna was a dragon. I love my granddaughters to pieces – greatest regret of my life not being able to be a part of their lives. Moving to Vermont is just not an option.

~ I’ve become much to mellow in my old age, not a lot bothers me other than my husband being an asshole when it comes to managing his disabilities. I seem to have run out of words and would rather use other people’s words, via songs, to communicate. Seems to me anything worth saying has already been said and we are all just beating that poor dead horse.

There is some quote somewhere that Shakespeare covered every topic there is and we are all just repeating what he said. The human condition really has not changed since homo sapiens came down from the trees. Hash and re-hash – power over others and greed pretty much sums up who homo sapiens are, what they value. Cynical much, Grace? No, just a realist.  For years (and years) I have said breed greed out of humans and all the world’s problems would be solved. Or, as my mother used to say – “Hurray for me, the hell with you”.  She would have known, it was kinda her attitude towards life.

~ I wonder how they do it – weather forecasters. Our local weatherman, Doug, is always right on the money. He says “The rain will start around 2pm” and sure-as-shootin’ come 2pm and the rains come. He says “The rain will taper off and be gone by 4pm” and dang, you can set your watch by it. Gotta love ole Doug. (Plus he is very good looking.)

~ Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I will be posting music (what else?) They say music is the way to reach those with Alzheimer’s/dementia. I certainly have not reached that stage of devolvement but music is more in my head than words – well, my words. Other people’s words plus music – that’s what’s in my head.

A million years ago, when I was young, I was at Jane Wells’ house and she was practicing piano. I fell in love in love with the piece she was playing – a Chopin polonaise? I can’t remember but one of these days I will troll through youtube and perhaps find that bit of music. Will today be that day? I have nothing on my agenda for today except making lunch.

~ Whenever I think of Chopin, the composer, I think of Kate Chopin, the writer.  The only thing they have in common is their last name and, I suppose it is unusual enough of a name for that association to stick in my mind. Perhaps after I finish my current book I’ll go back and re-read some Kate as I listen to some Frederic.  That’s a plan.

~ And the word memories just flashed across my mind and a song (of course!) only the singer I’m hearing is Barbra Streisand – I’m not a fan, I need to get her voice out of my right quick. So I’ll just wrap this up and go listen to Linda Ronstadt or Edith Piaf or, hey, Charles Aznavour – sing to me in French and I turn into a puddle of mush.

Mushing on now, au revoir!

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    1. I’m prejudiced (of course!) but I think my granddaughters are just the most amazing human beings in the Universe. I’ve met them just once when the family road-tripped down the East Coast last Summer…my (step)daughter is really good about Facetiming and the girls request videos of Nonna in silly get-ups…just not the same sigh

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  1. We need Doug here! I don’t know if it’s because we’re in a valley or between the ocean and the mountains but the forecast is hit and miss – mostly miss!

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    1. Doug, and whatever technology he uses, is spot on 99.99% of the time. Tonite he was doing an extended forecast and some weather organization has predicted 90’s for my area in April. But hey, there’s no such thing as climate change!


  2. My one and only granddaughter lives about a mile away and I never see her. Her mom doesn’t like me so I don’t exist in their world.
    I can certainly relate to men being assholes about their health issues. Wade was the king of assholes in that department.

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    1. That is sad – I’d ask why your granddaughter’s Mom doesn’t like you but that’s none of my business – perhaps time will soften her???


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