Oh Joy!

Today is Thursday – grocery shopping day. We called for an Uber and got a TESLA! (Model Y if any of you want to know.)  And it had a GLASS ROOF! Tinted unfortunately but, you know – Tesla. Also, unfortunately it is was quite a cloudy morning BUT –

I lay down in the back seat and just feasted my eyes on the trees, the sky and the utility poles and lines. I love this! The utility wires and poles are fascinating when seen from that angle. They seem to move, cross over each other, it gives me such delight to see them. And the trees seen from that angle – if you haven’t experienced it, I can’t explain it – but it gives me such joy and delight.

I swear, before I die, I will order up a honking big car with a glass roof and have the driver just drive around aimlessly for a couple of hours. It would have to be a bright sunshiny day in the early Spring or early Fall. Just the thought of it makes me giggle and wiggle.

14 thoughts on “Oh Joy!

    1. This was the second time we’ve had a car with a glass roof. I just looked it up they are called sun roofs or moon roofs – there is a difference between them but not enough for me to understand. Total joy and giggle-wiggles for me. Edited: Seems in a Tesla the entire roof is glass – not like a moon roof or a sun roof.

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      1. I would love it if you e-mailed me. That’s how lazy I am – I don’t want to download and save it. If you e-mail it the copy is automatically saved in e-mail. Which I use as a sort of cloud anyway. Thank you 💜

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    1. “Can you imagine laying in there at night with the stars??” Um, no…I’m not really into star gazing, or camping. (I’m your basic grumpy misanthropic curmudgeon, and I want everybody to get off my lawn…)

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