So many things to talk about –

I live inside my head – all my conversations are internal – mostly talking to myself but I occasionally have a mental conversation with some give and take – with someone who is a real person or an alter ego. Obviously I make up/create both sides of the conversation.

My mental conversations/musings often turn into blog posts. And like most of my posts I would rather be tawkin’ than typing.   I  really require privacy to record my thoughts and I don’t have any – maybe the hour or so my husband naps in the afternoon…

Anyway – I was reading a newspaper article on my ipad, and an ad for a coat-like suit jacket or a suit jacket-like coat appeared. I couldn’t tell if it was meant for a male or female but I really liked it.

The thought occurred to me that young people nowadays are lucky – they can be whoever they want to be; can dress however they want to dress. That wasn’t so easy when I was young. There were dress codes for school. Girls couldn’t wear pants of any kind, even in high school (that would be, for me, 1960-1964).  In 1969 there was a bruh-ha-ha about women in pantsuits being banned from NYC restaurants.  But by 1969 mini-skirts were the thing and I wore the miniest minis. Then came hot pants and I wore those to work too.

Thing is, I really liked wearing mens clothes. For the style and for the fabrics and for the much better workmanship. Even in cheap clothing the quality of mens clothes was better than in womens clothes.  I had 3-piece ‘pants’ suits, made for women, which I wore with stiletto heels. When a boy friend was cleaning out his closet and I grabbed a couple of suits and had them tailored to fit me.

I liked mixing tailored mens clothes with girly accessories. Not the perfect example but one outfit I loved was a black turtleneck bodysuit (oh, how I loved bodysuits), skin tight black pants, red suspenders (just for the color pop) and over-the-knee black high-heeled boots. Yup, that was office wear. I was probably in my late 30’s and yes, I was rail thin at the time (except for the boobs – no matter how thin I was, the boobs were always visual focal point.)

Even my women’s suits – skirt and jacket – were severely tailored, worn with a silk t-shirt and fishnet stockings and – stilettos. Man, I loved my 3 and 4 inch heels. And fancy stockings.

As always(?), as usual – no point to this, just telling stories.

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    1. Just recently I posted a hotpants photo – it was taken with the office id photo camera LOL And checking through my ‘media’ folder here on WP – I, at one point. posted a photo of me and my brother and I am wearing a white turtleneck bodysuit, I know it was a bodysuit because that’s the only kind of turtlenecks I ever owned, and also wearing those red suspenders. Don’t know what kind of pants I was wearing – it doesn’t show. I have very few photographs of me or anyone else because a) I have always HATED having my picture taken and b) my crazy bitch mother threw out box and boxes of photos when she moved, despite my having asked her for them – photos going back to the early 1900’s – please don’t get me started on that…

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  1. Yep pictures are a must. I can think of a dozen shops from my younger days in fashion where you would have been on a rollercoaster of sensation and style.

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        1. Some are bigger than others – got some big fat ones right now and some skinny guys but I suppose, yeah, they aren’t all that small as birds go…and they are noisy as hell….it’s 4:45pm at this very moment and they are home for the day and chirping up a storm….

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    1. Never wore suspenders with a suit – in the case I mentioned it was black bodysuit, form fitting black pants, over the knee stiletto boots and the red suspenders…severe bu sexy. I lived in stilettos for over 30 years – until my back crashed and burned. Nothing to do with the shoes but…


  2. Your outfits sound very stylish. You must have a great eye for what goes together. I remember those days of dresses only, then during a cold winter, we could wear slacks (no jeans!) and nearly right away jeans were OK. I wore hot pants and mini skirts which were apparently OK, even though pants for women weren’t. Eye roll .

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    1. I’ve never thought of myself as stylish – I always wore what pleased me. I was surprised that the pants suit bru-ha-ha was in 1969 (I looked it up), a time when mini-skirts were a thing. In grammar school we were allowed to wear pants UNDER our skirts/dresses on snowy days, since most of us walked to school, but we had to take the pants off when we got to school. 1964, commuter/city college we wore pants/jeans whatever…


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