Transcribing my notebook

Written sometime in 2013?

I was told that even as a infant I did not sleep at night. Neither did I cry.

I was told, that when I could move around some, I would be found at the foot of my crib, under the covers. As if I was hiding.

Later I learned, on my own, that indeed I was hiding. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, I was afraid of what hid in the dark.

x x x x x x

I love the dark, I love the night. I can hide in the dark and the night covers me.

But I still fear what comes in the night, the monsters under the bed.

I don’t like to sleep with a lot of covers. I tend to kick the covers off my feet and then dangle my feet over the edge of the bed. But not for long. I quickly pull my feet back because there are monsters hiding under my bed. Waiting to pull me down and under and then…

x x x x x x


Written sometime in 2012 or 2013

On a day when the pain
     is too much
And the promise of sun and
     Spring is broken
When the chill in the air
     is the chill in your brain
And you find yourself wearing
     the dress with the stain....

(unfinished and given the dates most decidedly will stay that way.)

Snippets AKA

totally CRAP poetry –

    A Little Verse for the Wear

I’ve been sad, a bit depressed
It’s a chore to just get dressed.

Nights I battle with the sheets
Days I struggle just to eat.

I really want to laugh and dance
I ponder if I’ve missed my chance

To live my life the way I choose
Why not now? What’s there to lose?

~ unfinished and likely to stay that way ~