Snippets AKA

totally CRAP poetry –

    A Little Verse for the Wear

I’ve been sad, a bit depressed
It’s a chore to just get dressed.

Nights I battle with the sheets
Days I struggle just to eat.

I really want to laugh and dance
I ponder if I’ve missed my chance

To live my life the way I choose
Why not now? What’s there to lose?

~ unfinished and likely to stay that way ~

7 thoughts on “Snippets AKA

  1. Definitely not crap. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way and hope you’re laughing and dancing soon. Love you, Grace.

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    1. Oh trust me – it’s crap! G has done it again, we spent Saturday afternoon in the ER – I can’t deal with much more of him…


      1. Oh no! I hope whatever it was that he’s recovered now. He needs to connect those dots that if he does x, y happens and no one wants that!

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        1. He’s got 5 stitches in his hand, a huge bump on his forehead, I have to help him bathe, I have to re-bandage his hand every day which is difficult because of his extreme hand tremors and because of the location of the stitches. His balance is now even more crap than it was before and I’m just tired and none of this had to happen…


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