Transcribing my notebook

Written sometime in 2013?

I was told that even as a infant I did not sleep at night. Neither did I cry.

I was told, that when I could move around some, I would be found at the foot of my crib, under the covers. As if I was hiding.

Later I learned, on my own, that indeed I was hiding. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, I was afraid of what hid in the dark.

x x x x x x

I love the dark, I love the night. I can hide in the dark and the night covers me.

But I still fear what comes in the night, the monsters under the bed.

I don’t like to sleep with a lot of covers. I tend to kick the covers off my feet and then dangle my feet over the edge of the bed. But not for long. I quickly pull my feet back because there are monsters hiding under my bed. Waiting to pull me down and under and then…

x x x x x x

6 thoughts on “Transcribing my notebook

  1. I was more afraid of the monsters l lived with than the monsters under the bed or in the dark. I love the dark and yet last night l slept with one light on because l only slept for three hours due to that damn nuclear station attack. It wasn’t the dark that worried me.

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  2. The first part is written beautifully although what you’re saying isn’t. I’m sorry for what you learned you were hiding from as a child.

    I understand the second part because I don’t dare let my feet dangle either!

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