And I'm back…

 Yes, yes I finally had my fill of WordPress. Yes, yes this is the umpteenth time I have switched blog hosts, blog titles, hey, I’ve been at this for nigh on 20 years and I get bored easily. 

Plus what else do I have in my life? (Oooh – a little cheese with that whine, Grace?)

People on WordPress all have their shorts in a knot because WP changing over to new account levels – free and pro. Pro costs money, free is, ….Thing is with the free accounts you lose a lot of storage space and some design doodads. Some folks went for the personal plan at $48 a year and therefore got some extra but there will be no more of that. 

Actually, if I understand this correctly, whatever plan you are on now you can keep as a ‘legacy’ but new folks will only have the 2-level choice.

Eh, phooey. I’ve had enough of WP anyway. Plus I HATE blocks and blogger is just plain easier to deal with.

I have two problems tho – I’ve got a years worth of posts over there on WordPress and I can’t import them into Blogger. It’s easy to go Blogger to WP but impossible to go WP to Blogger.

If anyone knows how, PLEASE let me know. 

Otherwise I’ll just put a text widget in the sidebar with a link to the WP blog and if anyone is curious and wants to know what ‘ve been up to for the past year they can just use that.

The other thing – one does get used to have a ‘Like” button, so you know if someone just passed through, or indeed, if you passed through someone else’s blog – it’s kind of a way to say “Howdy”. Blogger used to have that but it disappeared over a year ago.

There are two ways I put a like button on the blog – mess around with the template html or install Disqus commenting. I know, a lot of folks don’t like Disqus because it’s just another damn thing to sign up for/sign in to…

If you’ve got an opinion about it, let me know. 

I’ve been putzing around with blogs all day and now I’m done…maybe I’ll do something productive and clean something…

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14 thoughts on “And I'm back…

  1. I'll follow you wherever you go! It's been awhile since I had a blog on WP so wasn't aware of the changes. Even with as little as I blog, Blogger is still very much the same.


  2. I tried WP once and didn't like it. I don't know if I ever even got as far as writing a post before I gave up on it. Then there is the issue of paying. I do blogging strictly for my entertainment and I'm not about to pay for a blog so free blogger works for me.Disqus was another thing I didn't like. I prefer things plain and simple with no complications or hassles.


  3. I'm one of the few people who will actually save money with the WP plan switcheroo. I was going to go self-hosted even though it seemed like a pain the ass, but the new WP pro plan is pretty much the same price as the hosting provider I was planning to switch to, which makes my life easier.


  4. Good for you! A friend talked me into trying WP a dozen or so years ago. I made a couple of posts which are probably still floating around out there somewhere in the ether, but I went immediately back to Blogger. Old habits, old dogs, you know how it is. Welcome back!


  5. Yes but you are hardly what one would call a 'hobby' blogger. Your blog is a perfect combination of personal and informative. Plus you have so much information that your blog is way more complicated and sophisticated to put together and maintain than my simple blog.


  6. I HATE wordpress. I have a sign in and yet it won't let me sign in so I register again and get all new credentials and I can sign in once. then I can't sign in when I wish to comment so I stopped visiting WordPress blogs so I could keep my blood pressure down. Glad to see you're back and well.


  7. Okeedoke. Yes, I hate the block editor, and the ads, so I jumped ship as well. You're on my blogroll… easy peasy, just add a hyphen. Nice. Now to find out how to put a “like” button in there. I'll have to take an ADHD pill, or drink a bunch of coffee. Maybe later.


  8. Google “Add Like button to Blogger” – all the solutions require messing with your template html – I'm gonna make another blogger blog to practice on – my html skills are limited to formatting text, images and like that.


  9. WP is wonky as hell if you don't have an active blog on it, oh hell, it's wonky even if you do. Been catching up with you lately, and you're having a tough time of it. I'm sorry about that. A total Roseanne Roseannadanna situation.


  10. The lack of a like button is a pain because one does not know which regulars are reading. Unless they comment. For my part I will bookmark and check periodically. Commenting is fairly easy on this forum as well if one is in the mood to do so.


  11. Yeah that's what a lot of people who went back to Blogger complain about – no like button. There used to be one but they got rid of it when they made changes a coupla years ago – I think they were trying to make it look and feel more like WP – so a lot of people just went over to WP – I'm double posting – Blogger folks don't like WP and WP folks don;t like blogger – since I know some of each – it's just a copy and paste, no biggie.


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