Miscellaneous Mishegoss

 ~ It’s been just over a year since we became cat-less and while folks tend to say cats are low maintenance you don’t realize how high maintenance they really are.

I have a lot more time on my hands now. I’m not vacuuming every day; nor feeding cats and washing cat dishes all day; nor scooping litter boxes/washing litter boxes; nor de-fuzzing all manner of blankets, bedspreads and really anything made of cloth. A lot of my day was taken up in service to the cats and their accessories. 

I’m also saving a tidy bit of money – between prescription food, kitty litter, vet bills and toys. 

Still – I miss having a cat SO much. I miss Miss Frankie Lulu Belle SO MUCH. It’s been well over a year and when we talk about her we both get teary – still.

~ I occasionally refer to my mellowing in old age, which makes my husband snort, but maybe it’s not mellowing but rather a massive case of ennui or I’m just tired. 

Can you believe it took me 5 days to set up my new computer? There was a time when I would have unpacked that box and then devoted all my time to getting it up and running. Instead the unopened box sat for a day and half. Then I had to call customer support. Then I just let it sit, unconnected, for another day or so. Then when the migration assistant didn’t work, I just let it sit some more until I decided to use my back-up disk. I’m sure there are still adjustments to be made but – eh – I’ll do it when it comes up. 

~ I haven’t even been playing with my Instagram account – I was having a bit of fun with that for a while. 

This is me lately…

8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. I miss having a dog, but not the bills which is a bit like you missing a cat but enjoying the save. five days to set up a new computer is almost obscene considering most computers are supposed to be plug and play these days.


  2. I'd rather have a cat! As for the computer – well the new iMacs are a royal PITA (but then you read about my problems with it on the WP blog) and I was just in no hurry – time was I wouldn't have been able to eat or sleep until it was all up and running but now – I was “oh well, ho-hum, no big deal, whatever” I'm just not as compulsive as I used to be.


  3. Miss Frankie Lulu Belle had a personality like no other! She was a special girl so I'm not surprised you both still miss her dearly. She'll never be forgotten!Cats are low maintenance only in that they don't have to be let out to go potty or taken on walks but oh boy are they high maintenance in everything else! Angel keeps deciding she won't eat anything but treats so we buy all kinds of food ($2 for a tiny can, what?) just to have her turn her nose up at everything. We spend more on medical care for the cats (inhalers, medications, bloodwork, vet visits) then we do on ourselves. I love Angel and Isabella dearly but low maintenance they are not!


  4. I can't help but think the aging immune system does not need to constant exposure to pathogens brought in by csts. As my doctor said, unlike dogs, cats bring the allergens etc. right up to your counter tops, table tops, your head, while you're sleeping, and so on, and dogs usually just stand down by the floor. However, we always had cat(s) but after decades I finally found homes for my two cats, Umal and Elbow, but I really miss them as well.


  5. 50 years of living with cats, you don't realize how much of your time is spent in service to them – just the daily vacuuming is so time consuming, and if you don't vacuum then you sweep. But I have always said “What do people do for laughs if they don't have cats?” and that holds true, we laugh a lot less these days.


  6. My mental and emotional health is far more important that my aging immune system. We had to re-home one of our cats after my husband fractured his leg because the cat was a real health hazard – he was always underfoot – a velcro cat that had to be attached to a human at all times. Amd my husband was his favorite plus because of my husband's increasing disabilities taking care of that cat (clipping nails, medications etc) was difficult for me to do alone. Miss Frankie was easier to care for and she died of natural causes (more or less) at the venerable age of 17. She was just our heart's delight – she was a smart, quirky little girl and we loved her to pieces. Cats were a part of my life for 50 years – I miss living with a cat (or two).


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