This morning

The first hour

The click-snick of the turn of the locks; 
The involuntary ‘oof’ when bending to retrieve the paper. 
Click on the coffee pot; soft burble as it drips and drops into the pot. 
Plink of pee; gurgle of flush. 
Crinkle of newspaper pages turned, 
Crinkle of breakfast biscuit wrapper, opened, then crumpled. 
Sneezes, coughs. 
Husband whispers “Hi”, 
I reply with a finger waggle. 
Beep of the microwave; crinkle of 
husband’s breakfast burrito wrapper. 
Snores and snorts as husband’s morning naps commences. 
The second hour
Husband whispers “Hi” 
I grunt. 
Husband whispers “How are you?” 
I grunt again. 
Shower sounds; clack of metal belt buckle against the metal clothes tree. 
Newspaper rustling. 
The third hour
Thunky thunky of desk chair rolling. 
Clickety clack of keyboard as I type this. 
The fourth hour
Not there yet. But more clickety clack, I expect.
Silence in here and out there. 
All quiet but not peaceful.

3 thoughts on “This morning

  1. So descriptive I can hear it! You are so masterful with your words! What you're describing strikes me as funny because my mom's husband had surgery Sunday for gallstones and she asked the hospital to keep him as long as possible because she's enjoying the peace and quiet of being home with just Dolly, her dog. Lol!


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