The only laugh I get

 every day is the doodad on my computer lock screen. I don’t know how I did it when I set up my user id, I used my Apple memoji. The fun thing is it mimics my motions as I sit in front of the computer! It looks down when I start typing in my password – This just makes me giggle and is my first laugh of the day (sometimes the ONLY laugh of the day) – (The video jumps around a bit because I was holding my phone with one hand…)

I mean, isn’t that a hoot? I love it so much that I have my computer set to ‘lock’ after two hours of non-use just so I can see this several times a day.

I do what I can to get some fun in my life. 

Still grumpy

 Of course some folks would say I’m always grumpy. More perceptive people would say “depressed”.  This depressed/grumpy feeling makes me angry. I don’t particularly want to feel this way, then again, would anyone? It just wears me down, beats me down, sucks any joy I might be able to scrounge up out of me.

It actually stopped raining the other day, it was a beautiful day and I thought – “Go for a walk – outside” So I did. I realized why I stopped going out for a walk (aside from the few years that walking was difficult). So damn boring. There is no where to walk too that is remotely interesting. 

When we first moved here there was exploring the neighborhood. That didn’t take long. When walking became difficult I bought a pet stroller and took BB out with me – mostly so I would have something to hang onto. That was kinda fun. But I have no more cats. 

And the neighborhood has been explored. There is a park sorta nearby but I won’t go there because, despite this being a very low crime area that park has been the scene of more than a few muggings. So I’m very hesitant to go there alone. Why having someone along would prevent a mugging I have no idea – safety in numbers? There is nothing in the park except a stream and walking paths but I suppose it would be a change from the same streets with the same houses. 

And there is also the hills – this is a very hilly area and while walking is easier nowadays inclines tax me. Which is why I still can’t easily walk to the little market, just over a 1/2 mile away – too many uphill streets, both ways. And broken sidewalks – total tripping traps. 

 But I would like to be outside. Except there is no outside to go to or be out in. 

I’ve got some troubling health issues. Last October my A1C and cholesterol numbers were absolutely perfect, brilliant even, better than they have been in years. In December they were crappy but not horrible, and last week they were disgusting. What the hell is going on? OK, last Fall I was eating poorly – too many sweets and take-out.  For the last 4 months I have been eating far more healthier and no sweets at all of any kind. Take-out limited to pizza once a week. While I only eat because I have to I had eliminated the few foods I do enjoy, which are bad for me, and still my numbers went up. I’m now obsessing over this. And you know how I can obsess. 

A part of me says “Screw it, I’m old. Screw the numbers. Big deal, I’ll die sooner than later but at least I’ll be a little bit happy”  I can’t seem to embrace that plan.

So – cheerful little post, eh? But it helps me to write this out. Somewhere I can see it easily (and often) and where I know not many others are seeing it. Don’t know why having it be ‘public’ is more comforting (?) than it being private. Maybe the ‘public’ part feeds into being seen when I feel invisible.


Actually I don't –

 A friend sent this to me via FB – 

and actually I don’t want a simple life, I want a loud and messy life. I’m not so sure I’ve ever had a loud life but I certainly have had a messy life – at times.  And sometimes messy means stressful and sometimes it means fun. My life is very simple now and also very stressful. I don’t need a baby dragon, I need a grown-up, big ass, fire breathing dragon – I have a need and desire to singe a whole helluva lot of people.
Melissa posted about The Ronettes, a group I sorta turned her on too. I think it was during a discussion about her enthusiasm for The Supremes, a group I never cared for. I do believe at that time I also mentioned The Shirelles – the GREATEST girl group of all times. 
The National Recording Registry just added “Tonight’s the Night” — The Shirelles (1961) (album) for preservation.  Admittedly The Ronettes also have a song on the registry but, sorry World, The Shirelles are IT. 
The Shirelles pre-date The Ronettes by a few years – they came together as a group in 1957 for a high school talent show and – they were the first girl group to have the number 1 song on the U.S. charts. The *first* So there – pffbtt.
I know, I know – music preferences are very personal. And those preferences are shaped by perceptions both real and intangible. Still – The Shirelles rule! (And rock…)

Just in case you only want to listen to one song –


She's back

and maybe that’s why Frankie is so much on my mind. Or maybe she is on my mind because just about the only thing on my Instagram feed is cat/kitten accounts and that’s what I spend my time scrolling through – cats of all shapes and sizes and ages. 

Remember, just after Frankie died, I wrote about the Ghost Cat?  Well for several months after that both my husband and I were aware of Frankie still being around. Eventually we stopped seeing and hearing her but for the past week or so she’s been back. 

This is one of my favorite Frankie videos – 

I am now tempted  to go wallow in Frankie photos and videos but I do have chores to get to, or I could try and nap because I am always tired or I could read for a bit or…well there isn’t much else is there – clean, nap, read. Not exactly a hard-knock life but boring as hell. 
So what’s it gonna be?

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

 ~ It’s been just over a year since we became cat-less and while folks tend to say cats are low maintenance you don’t realize how high maintenance they really are.

I have a lot more time on my hands now. I’m not vacuuming every day; nor feeding cats and washing cat dishes all day; nor scooping litter boxes/washing litter boxes; nor de-fuzzing all manner of blankets, bedspreads and really anything made of cloth. A lot of my day was taken up in service to the cats and their accessories. 

I’m also saving a tidy bit of money – between prescription food, kitty litter, vet bills and toys. 

Still – I miss having a cat SO much. I miss Miss Frankie Lulu Belle SO MUCH. It’s been well over a year and when we talk about her we both get teary – still.

~ I occasionally refer to my mellowing in old age, which makes my husband snort, but maybe it’s not mellowing but rather a massive case of ennui or I’m just tired. 

Can you believe it took me 5 days to set up my new computer? There was a time when I would have unpacked that box and then devoted all my time to getting it up and running. Instead the unopened box sat for a day and half. Then I had to call customer support. Then I just let it sit, unconnected, for another day or so. Then when the migration assistant didn’t work, I just let it sit some more until I decided to use my back-up disk. I’m sure there are still adjustments to be made but – eh – I’ll do it when it comes up. 

~ I haven’t even been playing with my Instagram account – I was having a bit of fun with that for a while. 

This is me lately…

And I'm back…

 Yes, yes I finally had my fill of WordPress. Yes, yes this is the umpteenth time I have switched blog hosts, blog titles, hey, I’ve been at this for nigh on 20 years and I get bored easily. 

Plus what else do I have in my life? (Oooh – a little cheese with that whine, Grace?)

People on WordPress all have their shorts in a knot because WP changing over to new account levels – free and pro. Pro costs money, free is, ….Thing is with the free accounts you lose a lot of storage space and some design doodads. Some folks went for the personal plan at $48 a year and therefore got some extra but there will be no more of that. 

Actually, if I understand this correctly, whatever plan you are on now you can keep as a ‘legacy’ but new folks will only have the 2-level choice.

Eh, phooey. I’ve had enough of WP anyway. Plus I HATE blocks and blogger is just plain easier to deal with.

I have two problems tho – I’ve got a years worth of posts over there on WordPress and I can’t import them into Blogger. It’s easy to go Blogger to WP but impossible to go WP to Blogger.

If anyone knows how, PLEASE let me know. 

Otherwise I’ll just put a text widget in the sidebar with a link to the WP blog and if anyone is curious and wants to know what ‘ve been up to for the past year they can just use that.

The other thing – one does get used to have a ‘Like” button, so you know if someone just passed through, or indeed, if you passed through someone else’s blog – it’s kind of a way to say “Howdy”. Blogger used to have that but it disappeared over a year ago.

There are two ways I put a like button on the blog – mess around with the template html or install Disqus commenting. I know, a lot of folks don’t like Disqus because it’s just another damn thing to sign up for/sign in to…

If you’ve got an opinion about it, let me know. 

I’ve been putzing around with blogs all day and now I’m done…maybe I’ll do something productive and clean something…

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