And the rains came…

or perhaps never left. Today and for the rest of the week –

But there is always fun to be had –

This mornings comics – 

Let’s face it – we’ve all stood in front of a bit of ‘art’ and thought to ourselves – “This is a joke, right? Guy is putting us on.” 

More than once I’ve meandered through an art museum and heard some pretentious twat prattle on about the meaning of some meaningless piece of ‘art’ work. 
On several occasions, I’ve done this – mockingly – usually as entertainment for the person I was with. On one occasion it was a guy and he was all “Shush, people will hear you, we’ll get thrown out. You’re insulting the artist and the museum..” Seriously? 
Needless to say that was the first and last date with that guy. 
Also – while I was scrolling through instagram this morning I came across this – 

I exchanged comments with the poster and thought to myself “Damn Skippy”.

And then I laughed because the term “Damn Skippy” always makes me laugh. Then of course I had to research it – Interesting reading.
The Urban Dictionary says its possible origin is from South Australia’s ‘damn straight”. But further down the rabbit hole I came across this wonderful blog post about Emphatic Affirmatives (you really want to go read this!) that attributes its origins to Black American English and  also a derivative of “Damn straight”.
What I like most about that particular blog post is that it covers ALL my favorite emphatic affirmatives! Absolutely all of them! 
Reading that just made my day! 

6 thoughts on “And the rains came…

  1. Hey Grace, l know you know that the Guy blog is closing down. I will still be reading your blog, just from the business blog which hasn't gone live just yet and that will not happen till around June some time. It was just to let you know. The guy blog content transfer went quicker than l thought it might, so the blog will be closing sometime this week. Rory


  2. I could never understand why some people think certain works of “art” are so special. A lot of it looks like something a child could have done in art class.Yep, that guy wasn't worth a second date.


  3. I've been in Portland since last Wednesday and we've had rain every day since Thursday! Sunny at the moment but I'm sure it'll change often from now until when I go home Monday. Tens of millions for art? I don't understand the value of art especially when it looks like a complete mistake or joke. Can you imagine living a life with a stick in the mud like that guy was? What am I saying? Of course you could because he didn't get a second date!


  4. I'm sorry to see the blog go, but needs must…You know that I'm still on WP – entries here are also there, so you may want to read on WP – it might be easier.(


  5. There is a lot of thought, skill, talent, creativity in much that I don't understand or like but as you say, I think a lot of these folks are just having us on. It's Sunday now and while overcast and grey they say the rain has stopped, for today anyway. But it's chilly and the heat is on. That's what first dates are for – just a lark and some larks just don't sing!


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