And so it begins…


It’s 9am and the temp is 76º, the humidity is 67%. It’s not brightly sunny neither is it totally overcast. No breeze to speak of; the birds have been chattering incessantly since around 5am. 

Our apartment faces West so mornings are always cool and shady. Just lovely. 

But – the high heat of the day hits this part of the world in late afternoon – highest temperatures usually hit around 4pm,  and our apartment faces West. 

So, yes, late afternoon, in the Summer, this apartment is a sauna. Yes, we have a/c but I hate a/c – especially in this building because the HVAC system is old and weird – and noisy. When the heat is on – noisy. When the a/c is on – noisy. 

We’ve had hardly any Spring – it’s been like late Winter since, well, late Winter. The past few days, since the rain stopped, have been glorious – sunshine, gusty winds, temps in the mid-70’s – Heaven. Open Windows! Heaven! 

Now we will have 3 days of high Summer – high temps, high humidity. Remind me again why I live in this part of the world.

Being an extremist (and a Libra)  I crave moderation. I aim for moderation. Take me down the middle, please. 

Alas – it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. Neither my behaviors nor my reactions. Nor  it seems, the weather.

4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I was just saying the other day to someone that we seem to have gone from winter right into summer here. Years ago that would have made me happy. Now I'll take moderation also


  2. We have relatively mild winters – one big snow storm and that was maybe 6 inches – it was ugly for maybe 2 days. But yes please moderation – extremes are bad for my psyche…


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