Miscellaneous Mishegoss

 ~ With everything going on right now it seems insensitive and irresponsible to write about the everyday bushwa that goes on in life – yet here I am.

~ Had my six month opthamologist/retina  specialist appointment on Wednesday. I have mild to moderate AMD in my right eye and very mild AMD in my left. With glasses my vision is 20/30 in the right and 20/20 in the left. The good news is that, according to my doctor, within 1 to 2 years there should be an effective treatment for both wet and dry AMD. 

What made me laugh was my doctor’s phrasing. He said “If you can just hold on…” which sounded like I had a terminal illness or something. What he meant was if my AMD stayed dry and it’s progression stays as static as it is now. It seems that dry AMD can turn to wet AMD almost instantly and wet AMD is not something you want – it’s pretty much guide dog territory. 

~ Super good news – the baby princesses and their parents are coming for a visit again in July. How cool is that! I am so excited. I send the girls little videos, using all kinds of funny filters. They LOVE them. My poor husband says they love me more than they love him and he may be right because I interact with them more than he does. They “know” me better. But I felt bad when he said that. He also said “You love those girls, you REALLY love them at lot” and my response was “I do, I really do” 

Anyway, Silly Nonna is all excited (that’s pretty much how they refer to me – Silly Nonna.)

~ There is one grammar error that will always get my attention – homophone errors. The other day I saw 3 in one short article. Peak for peek, unphased for unfazed and bear for bare.  I used to correct people about such errors but no one appreciated it. I still can’t stop wondering why homophone errors are so prevalent these days – I don’t recall seeing them as much 20 years (or more) ago. What has changed in our educational system? 

~ Today was cool and sticky and we had a couple of just-passing-through thunderstorms – like that was unusual. I just checked the 10- day weather forecast and this should be the last of the rain until next Thursday. (It’s thundering as I type this.) Oh my – a entire week without rain, how will we cope?

I’ve been humming this song for so long now it’s on a permanent loop because “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” – 

14 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. Yay for baby princesses!I find myself making homophone errors when my mind and my fingers on the keyboard are moving at different speeds. If my thoughts are several words ahead of my fingers, things can get pretty mangled.


  2. My theory is that with spell-check being unable to detect and correct homophones, since they are still real words, they wind up appearing more frequently in the computer age. Auto-correct might be contributing a little, but I think mainly it is that we're not getting enough feedback. You should continue to correct people. You might be saving them an embarrassment!


  3. I get that! I've probably done the same but I also proofread. I fear that there are some folks who wouldn't recognize the mistake from the giddyup.


  4. Oh my gosh – I forgot about auto-correct. Folks need to shut that function off – I hate it. Predictive text is fine when I use my phone to text but since I'm not all that swift with typing on a phone and I use the poke method instead of the thumb method I usually can fix the wrong 'prediction' pretty easily. Spell check is all I really need but some spell check functions also include grammar check and that puppy is SO wrong. And no, NEVER correct someone's grammar errors – certainly never publicly and not privately either unless you know them well. People DO NOT take kindly to it, trust me. Been there, done that – got cursed out and the correction was sent via an email not publicly on their site.


  5. Oh hell Peggy my eye problems are NOTHING compared with yours! Mine are 'normal' – part and parcel of getting old – mostly. I've had AMD for close on 5 years now and it is progressing very very slowly and it has zero effect on my life. The only treatment is taking an OTC vitamin – Areds 2. Yes, if it turns wet I'm screwed but according to the doc help is on the way. I'm good.


  6. Yay for visits! And glad that there will likely be effective treatment for macular degeneration in the not-too-distant future. I find that I make more homophone mistakes when I am tired and not able to focus. For the most part, I think folks aren't really paying attention–and sometimes they just don't care (or know the difference).


  7. Hear here, Grace! I red through this post of yours that was begging to be read. Do you know no what l mean? I knew new you would or should l say wood? Perhaps the problem is that people don't think or maybe even predictatext that goes unchecked as wrong isn't corrected or seen as incorrect or miscorrected? The classics are great, not grate but great like were, where and we're or there, their and they're they are always cocked up. Only once or twice, maybe even thrice, have l seen eye seen instead l scene, but then l 've seen scene too and not just to and on the odder occasion l have scene two too! RR 🙂


  8. Hey Grace, yes that's me. RR is one of usual email sign off signatures for me – regards Rory 🙂


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