I think in quatrains

Spring never happened, 

Summer is here. 
Quick trade of hot chocolate 
For a cold frosty beer.

Was sitting, just looking out the window, wondering what time I would have to close the windows and turn on the a/c and – the above popped into my head. Just that, nothing more. 

A quatrain is a 4 line poem with alternate rhyming lines so technically speaking that’s not a quatrain. But close enough for government work. 

4 thoughts on “I think in quatrains

  1. It does not have to fit into the definition because it's awesome and transcends forms. What? I really should not leave comments when I've had weed. But that is a compliment…even if it's expressed a bit strangely. I am tempted to run your poem, and this whole post through the gizoogle.net filter. -zerospace lady, btw.


  2. We miss NoVa terribly. Funny to hear only 4 hrs away you had no spring. We had a perfect one. But I'd trade it all to be back up there. 😦


  3. 😅 I probably will run it through the filter soon. My story about the witch who destroys tires with magic spells is also priceless through gizoogle. So at some point I am going to post both.


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