The rains came

 about two years ago and never left. The forecast for the coming week – 

There wasn’t much Spring – except for last week – that would be the beginning of June. Last week was gorgeous – high 70’s for temps, low humidity, sunshine – simply perfect. Then came Friday – chilly, dark and dank. No way to adjust the environment – turn on the a/c to off-set the humidity? No, too chilly for that. Turn on the heat to off-set the chilly and dank? No – too warm for that (and we don’t have heat available anyway.) 

Of course the end of May saw temps in the 90’s – so high Summer, in what could be called late Spring. But then all of Spring was mostly late Winter. 

The weather is either early or late but never on time. Tell me again that climate change isn’t real. 

9 thoughts on “The rains came

  1. The weather is all over the place, it seems rare if a weekly forecast here is accurate. Currently enjoying beautiful sunshine and blue skies though 🙂 Rory


  2. If it doesn't rain in the morning then it rains over night and if it misses those opportunities we get showers in the afternoon…damp is a constant state of being…


  3. I hate those awkward interstitial weeks where the humidity wins. I don't like humidity so I usually go with turning on the A/C. Today it's going to be around 100, so–no brainer.


  4. At this exact moment in time it is 88 degrees but only 55% humidity (6 pm) we are expecting isolated thunderstorms and scattered showers tonight into the overnight hours…Surprise!


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