Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

 There is a magnolia tree in the front of my building but way over to the end of the building – a spot which I rarely see. Today I actually went for a walk (more about that later). I left the building through the rear and come back through the front and lo and behold there were a few blossoms left – it is at the end of the magnolia blooming season. This is the first time in 10 years I have ever seen that tree in bloom. The building is 8 stories high and the tree goes beyond the roof line, as well as it being rooted below the first story base – so this is a substantial tree – easily 80 feet tall (if not more). It is, minimally 60 years old. I tried to snap off one of the remaining blooms but the branches are so thick it was impossible. Those branches aren’t ‘snapping off’ any time soon!

Remember in my last post (Thursday) I mentioned some books I was wait-listed for from my local public library? Well, wouldn’t you know it Friday morning I got notice that one was available for download and then Friday night I received notice that another was available. So – two new books in one day. I get to keep the books for 21 days so no problem about finishing them. The other books I’m reading are free ebooks from various sources and they will keep. 

I am excited about the first book! Initially I wasn’t thrilled. It wasn’t until page 26 that I started to fall in love. 20 pages after that and I’m obsessed. 

The book is “The Sentence” by Louise Erdrich. You might want to read a bit about the author. I’d skip the review. I’m only on page 46 and aspects addressed in the reviews I haven’t gotten to yet – not deep enough into the book to make all those connections.

But the fun part for me is – the story’s central location is a bookstore owned by Louise Erdrich! And that is true. The author does own a bookstore called Birchbark Books in Minneapolis. Plus – bookstore! Booklovers! Because the bookstore specializes in Native American/Indigenous books I’m not familiar with most of the authors but I’m making lists! 

Going by the reviews (I’ve read several) I don’t know how long I will stay in love with this book but for now…  

And now time to toddle off and get back to reading…

6 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

  1. I wanted to feature the size of the tree rather than the blossoms which are quite large and beautiful and smell divine! And there weren't many left sigh


  2. In comparison to other trees on the property and in the neighborhood – that tree is a baby! The first book, 'THe Sentence” is good, I don't think the second book will be any good but who knows…


  3. It seriously is! I wanted to give some idea as to its size as well a capture a blossom or two which is why I didn't capture the entire tree…It was planted a little below grade (that's a sloping driveway to the right) and it towers over the roof line…this building was constructed in the early 1960's and for all I know they built around the tree. You should see the monster trees in the rear of the building…


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