People are funny and by that I mean

 they are annoying as all hell. (or annoying as AF). 

I made cornbread this afternoon. Which got me thinking.

My husband’s younger brother got married when he was in his early 40’s (or thereabouts I don’t know exactly how old his younger brother is) to a woman who was maybe 2 or 3 years older. First marriage for both.

I disliked the woman on sight. But since we saw them only once a year it was no big deal. 

Initially they lived in a Boston suburb and we lived in Vermont. Then we moved to Virginia and on to other places. We still saw them once a year – they like to travel. When they retired they moved to one of the Carolinas (don’t recall which) and continued their annual visit. 

Okay, here’s what irks me about the woman.

On one of their visits she spied the Lladro figurine that was my wedding cake topper – Can you imagine this on top of a sheet cake? (BTW – instead of just taking a quick pic of mine I went searching for a photo and discovered there are variations of this – subtle differences in the positioning of their heads and faces – odd. They all carry the same model number 4808 but mine is incised with “A-08” with a hand scratched R. At any rate this figurine was retired in 1977 and I received it in 1990.) 

As soon as she saw it she said “Ooo – Can I have this? It’s worth quite a bit of money!” I beg your pardon? Who the hell does that? I replied “No, it was a wedding present” 

Fast forward a few years. We had moved to Virginia. My husband’s children still lived in Vermont, his family all still lived around Boston. We went up for a family wedding. His daughters, who were in their late teens came down. I took the girls shopping for some fancy clothes to wear to the wedding. This woman then decided to take ‘her girls’ for mani-pedis. 

Yes, she referred to them as ‘her girls’ – these were people she barely knew. She continued fawning over the girls the whole weekend, making a big to-do but only when I was around. Make of that what you will.

Some years later, we were back in Virginia (having lived several other places in the intervening years). Brother and his wife came to our new place on their annual visit and the first thing out of her mouth was ‘Do you still have that Lladro?” Oy, lady, give it a rest, it’s been over 25 years, you’re not getting it. 

Then she says – “Oh, I like your lamp. I could use a floor lamp in our new house.” Me, being a nice person, I tell her where I purchased it, even printed out the product page from Amazon.  A few years later, another visit, she notes the lamps (again) and says “I have those same lamps!” I remind her that I was the one who gave her the information on where to purchase said lamps. 

When our daughter and family visited last year, daughter says “Auntie has those same lamps” I tell her the lamp story. 

Brother and his wife were here in March on the ‘annual visit’ and we got talking about food and I shared some of my favorite recipes with her – printed them out, put them in page protectors – whole nine yards. I included my ‘famous’ cornbread recipe. 

I have no doubt somewhere down the line some family member will remark that Trish makes this really good cornbread and I will remark, because I can be a bit of a bitch (big surprise, right?) that it is probably MY cornbread recipe. You know, as sure as God made little green apples, she sure as hell wasn’t giving me any credit. 

What is with that woman? This has been going on for nigh on 30 years. We see them once a year, and once a year she winds up coveting something I have and then co-opting it. 

This woman and I don’t really know each other. We have no relationship, never have had. We have never been any part of each other’s lives. We are, for all intents and purposes, strangers – What the holy hell is her problem! 

It used to annoy me. Now it amuses me. I wonder if she does this with other people. It can’t be just me. Oh, and another bit of information – years ago my husband said “You really don’t like her, do you?” I replied “No, I don’t” He said “Well, she probably doesn’t like you either but then she doesn’t like anyone”. 

And there you go. 

14 thoughts on “People are funny and by that I mean

  1. Ugh! Makes me glad I have no relatives except my daughters and grands. My sons-in-law are nice, TG! ~ Paula


  2. Not MY relatives LOL We have 2 son-in-laws – one is a prince and one is, well, NOT a prince. But then he is married to the daughter who tolerates her father and hates my guts. I am the wicked stepmother to her. I am the woman who is married to his father to his son. The third daughter, mother of my little princesses, loves me, her fabulous husband thinks I'm kinda cool and her daughters think I am the most wonderful, silly Nonna.


  3. In my old age I'm leaning to being kind. Doesn't this sound a lot like insecurity? I feel like she thinks I am her competition but since my husband's family seems to like her and they don't have that high an opinion of me – where's the competition?


  4. I have to be honest here – the last time they were here in March I really think she was trying to be nice. She seemed surprised I knew what kind of tea she liked and how she liked it. But still with the lamps and the recipes – I'm telling you my stuff ain't all that great.


  5. I really thought at one point you were going to tell us she stole it from your home. I know her, not know her becasue I have'nt met her, but I know the type. You poor thing. At least its only once a year.


  6. Maybe she is envious of you? She would do my noggin in and l would want to whap her one with an imaginary baseball bat with some shiny nails on the top – but that's just me …. Rory [Note to self, work on imaginary anger management issues especially regarding envious oiks]


  7. No, she would never do something like that – seriously, no. But you do have to wonder a bit about folks like her – she has so much going for her – perhaps her over-confidence is just a facade…


  8. Nothing to envy – trust me! I love imaginary anger solutions. Like being able to smack people upside their heads with impunity while shouting “You're stupid” or – fill in the blank as you see fit.


  9. Just reading this I was annoyed AF at her! At least you know her patterns so can predict what she'll do but still, annoying!


  10. You can only be amused, I see that. Sometimes people like that are hard to take seriously enough to actually get mad at but are still worthy of assiduous avoidance.


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