Miscellaneous Mishegoss…

I don’t shop in brick and mortar stores because I have no easy means to get to them and quite frankly where I live is not exactly a shoppers paradise. I go to one grocery store and then get deliveries from several others because no one store carries all the items I require. 

Amazon Prime (pay the annual fee and no delivery charges) was all that and a bag of chips (can we please bring that phrase back?) One stop shopping – back then. Not no more. 

Aside from coffee and vitamins/supplements I’m doing my shopping at Target lately. Better prices, fast delivery plus you get these cute emails – 

For some reason this graphic always makes me smile. Amazon doesn’t send cute emails, actually Amazon doesn’t send anything at all. Target sends so many emails and updates and delivery notices it can get annoying if it wasn’t for the cute graphic.

We had a whomping big storm last night – thunder and lightning – I grabbed my big camera to capture some video and wouldn’t you know it – battery was out of juice.  Isn’t that always the way. I used the camera on my phone and got some nice stuff – y’all saw it on my IG or FB – so I won’t post any of it here.

But after the storm, the sky! Oh My! I’m going to share just one photo here (see a bunch more on IG) – 

Wowzie, right? 

After reading Matrix by Lauren Groff I decided to delve into her other books. “Fates and Furies” was the only one my library had available and 72 pages in my attention was flagging. I was going to put it in the DNF category and move on but I dipped back in and fell, once again, under the spell of her gorgeous lush language. I’m really not into the story but the way she uses words and language mesmerizes me. 
(Should you want to see more fire sky photos my Instagram is @justtawkin).

8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss…

  1. It can be used two ways, sarcastically (and who doesn't love a little sarcasm?) and as a compliment. But mostly, yeah, as sarcasm. Still – fun to say.


  2. Phrases like that are way better than what they've got today. I don't understand most of the ones they're using today.I never cared much for shopping at Target but maybe ordering online would be better. That graphic is definitely cute.


  3. You have physical access to Walmart – a store I have never been in since there are none where I live. I suppose Target is a bit like Walmart – sells everything including food. There is a joke about Target – that every time you go you spend $100. When we had a car a trip to Target was a once a month thing. Like most chain stores the ones near more affluent neighborhoods had a better selection of higher quality goods than the ones in less affluent areas. Amazon will (probably) always give you access to every single thing you could possibly buy but I'm finding prices are often better at Target. I've shopped online at Walmart twice and it was not a positive experience and to be honest their prices are more than a little out of line with Amazon and Target.


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