I keep a running list of books I want to read. Everytime I read about a book that sounds interesting I add it to the list. I periodically search my local library for availability, in ebook format, with a fairly low success rate.  The Arlington County Library is using my tax money to buy Avon romances and other assorted crap. 

(No, I don’t have physical access to any of the library’s branches – we don’t have a car, closest branch is approx. a $28 round trip Uber fare. Yes, we have mass transit. No, it’s not an option)

When I have been able to get any of the books I put a check mark against it. 

I just spent a little time and transcribed the list from a document to a spreadsheet. My dear, dear Lisa recently sent me some books and one of them was on my TBR list – how cool is that?

Anyway, if you are interested in what I like, or rather, want to read – here is the list, updated as of this morning. Another interesting point – I started this list in October of 2021 – 

The checked books are only a small fraction of the books I’ve read since last October, minimally I read one book a week, most weeks two. I’ve got nothing better to do with my time. 

You’ll notice that some entries are “Books by _____”.  Those are authors whose work I’d like to explore. Some of these books are newly published, some go back a number of years. 

That’s the thing about reading a lot of book reviews, the reviews themselves cover a lot of territory, including books other than the one under review. If you read book review columns you’ll know what I mean. 

and that’s what was on my mind today – 

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  1. I may be heading to the library today (for the first time in ages) because it is a cooling center. I may be referencing this list. Thanks for posting it. -Melissa


  2. Tell me what you like to read and maybe I can give you a suggestion (or two). Some on the list that I have read were stinkers, I probably should have marked them DNF


  3. I am a big classic Lit fan. You and someone were discussing Thomas Wolfe. I love Thomas Wolfe. I love other old classics like Middlemarch and Grapes of Wrath. I loved The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith and I noticed Highsmith's journals on your list with great interest. I like other things. For instance you mentioned Winter's Bone. I would read that one simply because I enjoyed the movie, so I figure the book is probably better! I have not yet made it to the library but I probably will today or tomorrow. I think today it would be prudent for me to visit a store and get some shorts and sandals since I own none and we are having yet another heat wave over here. Plenty of opportunity for reading. -Melissa


  4. I did a recent book review post – I wanted to watch 'Winter's Bone', never got around to it and I didn't finish the book, it was tedious. I am reading mostly new novels and some are quite good. Right now I'm reading “The Verifiers” by Jane Pek and it turns out it is sort of a murder mystery – it's really good, I'm enjoying it, it's very contemporary with quite a bit of humor and I like the lead character. I enjoyed “The Price of Salt” also they made an excellent movie of it – you might want to track it down – I do believe the movie is called 'Carol” . I read fluff and I read 'serious'. I do think you will like “Lessons in Chemistry” – very available as an ebook in most libraries. I'm still in love with “Matrix” by Lauren Groff – I just love what she does with language – just gorgeous writing…If you do read 'fluff' I think you might like the In Death/Eve Dallas series by J.D. Robb – there are like 49 of them and I've read all of them twice LOL You just gotta love the characters – Eve Dallas is a kick ass NYC police detective in the near future (2058).


  5. Oh, I've seen Carol :). That movie inspired me to read the book! As usual, as good as the movie was, the book was better. Thank you, Grace, I will research these and when I read some of them I will let you know what I think. -Melissa


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