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Today, being Monday, is laundry day. After approximately a year and a half the new washers and dryers were finally installed 2 weeks ago. Pluses and minus here, and the whole thing was a huge f-up going back, oh a year and a half. I really felt sorry for Management – they’ve been banging their heads against this for, oh, a year and a half. Easy. Maybe longer? It’s not just dealing with a screw-up of a company but hundreds of angry residents. Many of whom are professional whiners. 

When we first moved here there were top load, old fashioned washers and you had to buy tokens from the front desk. Then they switched to front loaders and both washers and dryers were installed on pedestals. You had to buy a card to operate the machines and there was a machine in the rear building entrance that you used to add money to your card. 

Now – we have an app! Of course we do. Also you can use a credit card or a laundry machine card, refillable with cash like the old cards (but it is a new machine and was inoperable for a week after the new washers/dryers went in – the old people in the building were up in arms.)

I’ve used the app (we got a $5 credit when we signed on to it), I’ve used a credit card, and I’m currently going old school with a cash-refill-laundry card (which we got for free with $5 credit on it). Usually the laundry cards are $5 to buy but Management ‘negotiated’ free cards for every household because of a year and a half of screw-ups.

I like the app because a) you can see if the washers/dryers of your choice are available and b) you can check how much time is left on a cycle – 

East Wing Floor 3 laundry room status (this is my preferred laundry room because it is just steps away from my apartment).

This morning’s folding the laundry song was – God Bless America? Seriously, Grace? Usually it is a hymn. I don’t know the whys and wherefores of how my brain picks a laundry room song – I just find myself humming – and there you go.

I am the least patriotic person you could possibly find. I give not a fig about the USA; actually I am rather unfond of the country. I have no attachments to it at all. I could live in any English speaking, first world country and probably be far happier. 

Yes, it has to be a first world country because I am old, not in the greatest health and accustomed to high-speed internet. English speaking because I am too old to learn a new language and I think if you live in a country you speak that language. If I were younger and healthier it might be a different story. Ok, yes it would be a different story.

Did I ever tell you the story about my half-assed attempt to move to Europe was I was 19?

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  1. Whether or not you told everyone else, I now need to read this story 🙂 -Melissa P.PS… look at how I am getting over myself and commenting on your blog almost regularly now…even though Blogger commenting sucks.


  2. There's an app for everything these days. I think I would need training in how that all worked if I was going to do laundry there…lolI don't believe I have ever heard the story about your attempt to move to Europe.


  3. Aye, and there's the rub. The story can be told in one sentence but while that one sentence states the fact it's not the whole story. I don't know how to tell the whole story.


  4. It was a process of trial and error figuring everything out because the laundry machine company didn't provide instructions and their web site was useless. I expect the old people are dazed and confused and whining to Management.


  5. Although it's been a pain with the new washers and dryers, that app is pretty cool! We're going to need to replace our washer and dryer in the next year or so and I didn't think we (as in J since I don't do laundry) needed the app technology but now I'm thinking we, I mean he does! Also, I'd love to hear the story about Europe!


  6. The app also tells you when a washer/dryer is finished as well as how long a cycle has left which should be a good thing since we have community laundry rooms and people do tend to leave their clothes in the washers/dryers. These are commercial laundry machines, I wonder if home washers/dryers have apps? What am I saying? I'm sure they do do because – There's An App for That!


  7. We share a sameness in patriotism for our countries – Did I ever tell you the story about my half-assed attempt to move to Europe was I was 19? – l am not familiar with this story but am all ears 🙂 Rory


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