Lisa informs me, via Facebook, that Dunkin Donuts has already launched their pumpkin spice mishegoss. The interwebz search says Starblechs won’t be doing theirs until August 30th.

So splitting the difference, here is my annual ode to all things pumpkin spice –

6 thoughts on “Tradition!

  1. I've seen several things on FB about rushing fall. One in particular says something about putting your pumpkins spice away. It always makes me think of you…lol


  2. We are still having 90 degree heat waves where I live. I fail to understand why these people are bringing out fall themes in late August. The only place where that is considered the start of fall in the US is friggin Alaska… -Melissa Pumpkin (fittingly enough, but for a completely different reason)


  3. Because it's the American way – retail rip-off. August starts the big retail rush for all the faux holidays and occasions starting with Back-to-School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's Day with a very short breather until Easter. Then it's pretty much quiet until August again.


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