That’s the age old question…

Nature or Nurture?

Am I by nature a loner? I really think I am. I don’t crave the togetherness many people seem to put a premium on. I have no concept of family. I have always been happiest, and healthiest, when I lived alone.

I know I bitch and moan about living in social isolation these past 15 years or so but what I mean by that is that I go nowhere and talk to no one but my husband and that is not my preference.

I like to be out and about. I like to talk to people. Even share a meal. But then – I like to go home. Alone. Oh how I love to be home alone.

Eat what and when I want. Sleep when and how long I want. Clean when I want – basically just live my life the way I want, without having to take into consideration someone else’s preferences.  Especially when they are diametrically opposed to mine.

Why in hell I ever got married is beyond me. Especially after having lived with men several times in what we shall call a romantic relationship, and being unhappy with that set-up,

Could be I am just a selfish self-centered person. Perhaps I am just pig-headed and reluctant to compromise. Could be I am a loner, happiest on my own, doing my own thing.

The nature-nurture thing. My younger brother has spent his entire life looking for a family. He has glommed on to any family he could find – his friend’s, his girlfriend’s, his wives. I sometimes think he chose friends/girlfriends/wives based on their families not on them as individuals.

We grew up in the same dysfunctional family, yet I have never had any desire to be part of a ‘family’ and my brother wants nothing more.

I suppose if I did some deep diving in my psyche I might get a better handle on whether my “I want to be alone”ness is nature or nurture. But I really don’t want to.

I just want to be alone.

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    1. Some folks can’t be alone. Some folks just are ‘group’ people (I guess). Some folks are ‘family’ oriented and partner oriented. I’m not like any of those people.

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    1. Huh- I need to expand on this a bit. I NEED to LIVE ALONE. Home alone – a total necessity. But I need to be out in the world amongst people but not with them. Crowds bring on anxiety attacks but not being around people results in a flatness in my own energy.

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      1. It’s hard to balance.

        I have Suze in my life and as much as l love her being here when she is visiting friends and staying overnight l relish the alone time. I lived for years with just my two dogs and away from people and in many senses of the word was a hermit and l loved it – l didn’t miss people.

        I get fucked off with people these days more than l love their company, l like being able to walk and see people, but l would be happy if everyone dropped off the planet – as said it can be hard to balance.

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