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We have 6 streaming channels  and nothing to watch. Oddly, my husband and I, being 75 years old ,have little to no interest in shows/movies about teenagers. Imagine that!  I avoid anything violent while my husband seemed to enjoy “The Vikings” – I didn’t watch it. 

Summer is slow in the mindless entertainment business, but by the middle of September Brit Box and Acorn will have restocked themselves. Until then – 

We’ve started watching The History of Country Music, a Ken Burns productions, on PBS. I didn’t get to watch the first 3 episodes because they covered the years 1933-1953. My husband wasn’t interested in those episodes. We started with Episode 4: 1953-1963.

What I found interesting was I remember all those songs and artists – experienced in real time. Where the heck was I listening to this music? I don’t recall country music (or country-western music as it was often referred to in those day) being big in NYC. Yet – I remember listening to this music when I was a kid back in the 1950’s. I do recall that late in the evening we could pick up radio stations from the South and the Mid-West – maybe we were listening to this music that way? 

I suppose I could do some rabbit hole diving and research radio stations in NYC in the 50’s but I’m not all that interested in where I first heard country music. At any rate tonight we are up to Episode 7: 1973-1983.

I like pierogies. A ravioli is a pierogi is a Chinese dumpling – it’s all good. Take some dough stuff it with something edible, boil it, saute it, cover in sauce – all good. 
I bought Mrs. T’s pierogies the other week. I hadn’t had them in decades! The box says it contains 12 pierogies but – and here’s the interesting part – there are 13 pierogies in every boxAt least there were 13 in the two boxes I bought. I’m going to buy them again just to see if I get more than is advertised. I think it’s kinda interesting. 

I haven’t spent much time online or even on my computer lately – too busy reading. I’m just whipping through books. Whipping is actually a great adjective because someone should be whipped for publishing this crap.  Luckily I’ve got some good books on my iPad and on my shelf and I shall soon be back to a happy book world.

Books that should whipped out of existence – okay, that’s extreme – how about the books I didn’t finish because I thought they were crap? How’s that? And the list is:
The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley
The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James
Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
An Island Wedding by Jenny Colgan

Understand these books came highly touted and well reviewed. I think much like current tv and movie entertainment, I am outside the norm for what’s considered good, or entertaining. 


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  1. Anything made with dough has the potential to taste like paste. The trick is to roll the dough as thin as possible. We always had homemade raviolis and my mother's were like bricks both to chew and how they hit your stomach. The first time I made raviolis they were light and fluffy little pillows of cheesy goodness.


  2. I've seen the books you listed but never read them. Like you said they got good marks, but it they aren't for you, move on. I grew up in the midwest with country western stations everywhere. I recognize many of the songs now, but can't say that I know much about them. I suppose the real question is: do I want to know?


  3. I love periogies. My friend's mom is from Poland and she makes the best. I prefer those stuffed with potatoes and onions. But always good no matter the stuffing. As for TV. I couldn't agree more. I don't do reality, teen angst or violence or cartoons like marvel shit. So that doesn't leave a lot. But there is a lot on Apple right now. Hulu has a new thriller we plan to check out with Steve Carrell. I love him in serious roles. As for books my newest is I'm glad my mother is dead. I saw the author interviewed and can't wait to get started on this as soon as it arrives!


  4. I almost liked the “Book Lovers” – I skipped big chunks of it and skipped around but I suppose technically I finished it. Some of the others I never got passed the first chapter. As for the Country Music Ken Burns documentary – worth watching if you have a real interest, if not, then no point. Tho the hyperbole was a little off the charts…


  5. Pierogies sauteed in butter and smothered in caramelized onions – Heaven! I'm aware of both that tv series and that book – read more than one review of both and I'll skip them.


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