Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ A few weeks ago I got a ‘friend request’ on FB from my elder male sibling – a person I have not been in contact with for over 40 years. I deleted it. I had no idea he knew my married name. I have another FB account with my birth name and never got a bite there. I figured out how he made the connection. No biggie but I thought it was interesting.

~ Just realized as I was typing that today is my father’s birthday – were he alive he would be 107 years old. He died in 1973 – 57 1/2 years old.

~ I often say I have no imagination. I can’t invent a story. I could never write a fiction book. So even if it’s a colossally bad book, badly written, plotted – the whole nine yards of bad – I still have admiration for anyone who can do that. It is NOT easy. So props to people who write fiction.

~ I write about books but I can’t write a decent book review to save my life. I wonder what kind of book reports I wrote when I was in school. I do admire a well written book review, lord knows I read enough of them.

~ While I can’t write fiction I am one hell of a good editor. A blog I read, the person is posting little vignettes – small bits of fiction. Someone decided to comment with a ‘critique’ of one tiny aspect – given the other aspects that could most definitely be adjusted – so to speak – I thought it was funny. My reaction was – “THAT’S what you decided needed work?” Since the blogger didn’t ask for editing advice I found the comment unnecessary. Don’t know why that bothered me and is still on my mind. The blogger was gracious in his response. (No, I didn’t comment at all.)

~ I kid a lot about the whole pumpkin spice thing – come on – it’s funny. I read an article the other day, can’t remember if it was the Post or the Times, that basically said pumpkin spice is now part of the culture so get over yourself. But I just can’t let it go – it does make me laugh.

So I’ll leave you with this –

5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. I don’t know if said blogger was me, but I recently got a “correction” from a reader concerning a point-of-view change I let slip–as if that’s a bad thing. It was something not even on my radar, and now I feel compelled to figure out what he was talking about so I can improve my writing. So, I take it as a positive thing, at least in my case. I do have to consciously work at not being offended. It’s to my advantage to learn something, after all. But, yeah. Then I realize said comment was almost assuredly meant in a positive way. No biggee.


      1. I did read up a bit about POV, and, yup, I changed it there when I switched to Grandma’s thoughts, but at the same time, I did make it very clear that the narrative was switching to Grandma (“Grandmother nodded, smiling inwardly at her little lie.”) and so at least there was no confusion, I wouldn’t think.
        But in your post here, you sounded like a lot of other things needed work? Can I pick your brain?

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        1. Absolutely. I’d rather not do it here…if you have an email that you don’t mind sharing. I have several innocuous emails that I use for odd things – Or I can do it here…your choice.


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