It just feels weird

At 9am it is 73º with 87% humidity. Overcast and cloudy.  It is chilly and sticky, very sticky.

It rained during the night.

When I put my robe on this morning it was damp, the windows having been open all night yet my robe was nowhere near a window .

There is a slight sheen of dampness on every surface and my slippers squeak on the wood floors and slip on the tile floors. I know of no way to mitigate this insane environment.

8 thoughts on “It just feels weird

  1. Yuck. I think the best solution to this imbalance of cooler temps and high humidity is to run the A/C all summer, day and night, regardless of temperature changes. I remember a night when my wife decided to “open up the house” because night time lows were predicted to be in the lower 70s. Next morning, the carpet was squishy. Plus, it took a few days for the A/C to wring all the moisture out. Which probably cost more in terms of electricity usage than if we just kept the windows closed and A/C on.
    Autumn is coming! (I hope.)

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    1. This building has a peculiar, to me, air exchange heating/cooling system. At any rate I HATE a/c and hate having windows closed – gives me a thumping headache, makes my nose run and my eyes itch. Right this minute it is 76º & 79% humidity (1:30pm), windows open and I’m freezing and clammy and sticky and just generally miserable. If I put on a hoodie then I still would be uncomfortable. I would prefer to turn on the heat but I don’t have that option (this is an “all utilities included” building so the HVAC is controlled by management). All I have available to me right now is a/c. Most people in this building have fans and space heaters to accommodate the temperature fluctuations that don’t coincide with the building maintenance schedule. Crazy way to live.


      1. I see. Not a lot of options. Right now I have a ceiling fan on “low” which is helping the way the air feels, anyway. Hopefully this type of weather pattern will pass quickly.

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        1. It’s been this way all Summer with an occasional 4 or 5 day break. We just came off 4 gorgeous days last week, sunshine, low humidity, temps in the 80’s, to this ugly cool/hot/super humid phase which will last into next week and that’s as far as the weather predictions go. Hot and humid I usually am forced to turn on the a/c but this damp/chilly crap is the total pits.

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    1. This part of the world is notorious for its high humidity – some attribute the adjective ‘the swamp’ to politics but it is really referring to the weather!

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        1. Also there is the story that Washington DC was built over a swamp and that’s where the original metaphor came from – but it’s not true. The weather here just feels like it…

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