What a way to piss the day away

First off it was a g-d gorgeous day, even more gorgeous than yesterday. It was down right crispy-cool this morning. It pretty much stayed that way all day with brisk breezes, plenty of sunshine, blue skies and fluffy clouds (and low humidity). It should stay like this probably from now on. Overnight lows in the 60’s, daytime highs creeping up to the mid to high 80’s over the weekend but if the humidity stays under 50% then it’s a-ok!

I had to close the windows for a good part of the day because they are re-paving all the parking lot areas around our building. Our apartment faces the rear, and largest parking lot area, and it was our turn today to have the noise directly under our windows with the sweet smell of hot asphalt *gag* wafting in. (I hear the word asphalt and I hear THIS – yup everything is a song including asphalt.)

Anyway I spent the morning clearing out old email addresses and going back and forth with Melissa in the comments on yesterday’s post – that was fun. She’s a bright funny lady – I enjoy talking to her.

Then I thought – since most people hate vlogs when I get the urge to talk instead of type I could use tic-tok. I mean, why the hell not, it’s not like anyone is going to find me there and care. After lunch I made a video and then I tried to edit it in iMovie and boy is that a piece of crap. What I do like about it is you can improve/enhance the audio. I record videos at my desk and with the door closed the sound is muffled and echo-y. iMovie cleans that up really well BUT – I can’t figure out how to save an edited video. Nowhere in any menu is there a “Save” choice. WTH??? If anyone knows how you save an edited video in iMovie please, please please let me know.

So I wasted a lot of time putzing around with various other video editors, none of which I found easy or useful (one watermarked your video with their logo unless you paid – I ain’t paying – Pfft to them.)

So I wound up uploading the original video, done on my phone, just the way it was – not great. But hey, ain’t nobody gonna see it.

I can’t upload videos here because this is a free account. So if you are determined to see/hear me you can go over to the Blogger blog or if you do use tik-tok you can find me @justtawkin.

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