Long night’s journey into day

5:30am-ish as I type. Been awake since 3:30am, or perhaps we can call it 1:30am, when I first woke, then 2:30am then 3:30am then tossed and turned until 4:30am-ish then gave up and got out of bed for good.

It’s Friday and therefore laundry day, it would have been nice to get that done at 4:30am but that’s against the rules – laundry room hours are 7am-11pm. I break the rules by doing laundry at 6am – bad me. But the wars of the community laundry room can be brutal. And I like to win – at something.

Tonight it was excruciating leg cramps that kept waking me up. Other nights like this it is a busy brain – does my brain never get tired?

Crazy weather, eh? 25 degree difference between highs and lows makes for strange clothing choices – dress for the high or for the low? Okay, so the low temps are overnight – still we don’t reach the high until late afternoon.

On one of my late night walk-abouts, to work off the leg cramps, I closed the windows because the smell of fresh asphalt was stronger than when they laid it more than 12 hours earlier. How could that be?

I ordered my blue hair color but it won’t get here until Monday, so tune in next Tuesday for me with, possibly, dark blue hair – or as the package says – dark intense indigo. I doubt it will have much effect on the still black portions of my hair but I’m hoping the grey picks up some color. It will be a hoot, don’tcha think? What a thing to look forward to, anything to break up the boredom and ennui.

Getting close to 6 now – will write more later…

4 thoughts on “Long night’s journey into day

  1. The community laundry is something I’ve not had to deal with for a long, long time, but I remember how it can generate stress. Now we live in an apartment but each unit has a tiny washer and dryer. Tiny. Between the two of us here, laundry loads are so frequent that nearly every day is laundry day.

    I trust pictures of the blue hair will follow.

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    1. At least the laundry rooms aren’t in the basement! God, I hated those – scary and creepy. My building has 2 laundry rooms on each floor so 16 laundry rooms, 2 washers & dryers in each. The new app for the washers/dryers is slightly helpful for ascertaining which laundry rooms are available but that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t left their clothes. Over the 10 years I’ve been living here I have learned to just bite the bullet, get up early and screw the rules! When we lived in the Bahamas we had one of those tiny washer/dryer stackables – washing sheets for a king sized bed was a nightmare.

      Oh yeah, I’ll post photos – I don’t think there will be a big difference quite frankly – I’m just hoping the grey picks up some color – all in all just a goof.

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      1. WE have the “stackable,” or one-piece combo, washer on the bottom so you almost have to kneel on the floor to load it. Luckily we’re still able to accomplish that, and get back up again. We actually do have one dedicated washday, which is for sheets. A long process, made longer by the weak ventless dryer that won’t dry parts of sheets if they get folded and twisted up. Can’t complain though. I love not owning a house, and this is the compromise, I suppose.

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        1. Unfortunately not having my own washer/dryer was one of the compromises when we bought this place – that’s a compromise I will never make again.


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