It’s been a day…

I’ve got to get a real bed. I sleep on a twin bed in my ‘office’ – and visually gorgeous tho the bed is a grown-up person should not be sleeping in a twin bed. The last time I got any decent sleep was when I was in the hospital 2 years ago. There is a king sized bed with a very expensive fancy-schmancy new mattress on it but it also contains my husband when sleep time comes around.

We’ve been married for a little over 32 years and the only time I got any sleep in all those years was when he was working the midnight shift or traveling, so not at home at all.

Midnight shifts ended when he got promoted, traveling for work ended when he got promoted again, then the only respite I got was when he went on vacation by himself to visit his family.

My husband snores so loud that at least once our next door neighbor mentioned it! Then he  devolved into snorting, huffing and puffing, mouth breathing and some weird generalized noises. He swears he does none of this, I recorded him, he says “Oh well”.

You wanna know the best part? A lot of the mouth breathing, huffing and puffing and snorting only, ONLY, happens when I am also in bed. I get out of bed, it stops. I can almost play him like an out-of-tune tuba. I would sit on the edge of the bed, stand up, the noise would stop. I’d drop down to sit on the edge of the bed, it would start again. Up and down, stand and sit. Noise, no noise.

He says I’m making it up. I say Passive-Aggressive, a little?

I bought the twin bed for my ‘office’ as an emergency bed because, I’ll tell the truth here, there were actually nights when he was quiet as a mouse. Last January the emergency bed became my permanent bed. I’m not great at sleeping as it is, but in a twin bed? Like – No.

Now I’ve got to sell this damn thing and squish a standard double bed in here – oy!

Ahead of that this morning I moved some things around my office/bedroom. First I re-organized our storage room so I could get things out and put things in. Happily our storage room is across from our apartment.

At some point I had switched out my heavy, solid wood desk for a larger (and lighter) folding table. That switch had to reverse. Also the floor lamp which I rarely used had to go into storage. I’ve got my own handy-dandy folding luggage cart that makes hauling these heavy items easy-peasy, all my husband had to do was hold the door. I had to re-arrange all my desk detritus.

I put the desk back together myself – just legs had to go on – I was clever I put the desktop on the bed which made it easy to put the bolts back in and easy to flip it and get it on the floor without crapping it up. One day I’m going to figure out why I have to buy solid wood furniture – damn thing was heavy. Hell, the letter-box on my desk is solid wood and weighs a ton. You can bet my back is killing me now and by tomorrow I’ll be a total cripple.

I posted the bed on the building bulletin board and hope I get some bites. I’m actually trying to sell it – usually I just give stuff away and boy oh boy when an item is marked “Free” the offers come flooding in.  The bed I’m selling is a Craftsman style platform bed with 2 storage draws that, if you could buy it, would cost about $800. You can’t actually buy a new one of this particular brand and model because everyone is out of stock – supply chain issues. I’m thinking $250 is a bargain. We’ll see.

So how did you spend your Saturday?

5 thoughts on “It’s been a day…

  1. I sleep on a twin bed too 🙂. And mine is directly on the floor, very Bohemia of me. I think me and the lady will be moving in together one of these days. And she snores. I am pretty sure I will be using the bed in the guest room a lot. How my Saturday went… good. I am considering blogging about it. Although these days I lean toward not blogging if I don’t have to, or really don’t want to. Where before I was dependent on blogging to eat, as we have discussed. Sometimes I prefer to eat while leaving the longest comment in the free world on a friend’s blog 😁.
    I should visit your blogger site soon. Maybe now. Because more people comment on that. One. I like seeing your other blogger friends comment. And your reactions to them sometimes are also pretty great.


    1. That was supposed to be “more people comment on that one.”
      One was not meant to be it’s own word.
      I was distracted by how damn good thst double burger from Five Guys was. That was a good effing hamburger.


      1. I’ve never been a fan of Five Guys and they started out right here in Arlington VA where I live! I’ve eaten there once or twice (in the Old Town Alexandria location when I lived there) and really wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there again. Maybe yours is better than the original? I don’t get a lot of comments on any of my blogs – not like in the old days. Plus I’m always changing platforms and blog names and URLs – the last 3 years or so I’ve been flipping back and forth between Blogger and WP and changing the name. Plus – I’ve actually told a few followers/commenters to buzz off – and they did, thankfully. This here blog that you’re on now – it’s just a few months old – and since I rarely comment on other folks blogs – there you go – no audience at all and I’m not really sure I give a good sized flippity-flop!

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        1. Could be better, or could be just different tastes :). I think they are fabulous. A lot better than McDonalds, and I have to admit that I like McDonalds. I don’t wanna like Micky D”s, but I just do. I see your point about the comments bit sometimes there’s up to a few comments from people, or more, and I always enjoy them. I like that you have told people to buzz off. I sometimes have too, although it was.always when I was in a foul mood. And I sometimes regretted it, haha.

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          1. Nowadays my idea of a gourmet meal is a bacon-cheese burger with grilled mushrooms & onion and lettuce and tomato – and I know just where to get one – The Rock-It Grill in Old Town Alexandria – at least they used to have the BEST burger ever, lord only knows who owns and is running the place now and who is in the kitchen…I didn’t grow up with fast food so it’s kinda not in my food memory bank – we barely had pizza places and there was no such thing as delivery except for Chicken Delight and I was a teenager then. We did have White Castle – with carhops on roller skates…Is it time for another nostalgia post?

            I told people to buzz off because they annoyed me LOL Not that I was in a foul mood – just that they were people I didn’t like…I ain’t got no patience for people I don’t like (“‘Cause I don’t have the time for your overloaded lines, so you better be good to me…” Miss Tina Turner – Yass)

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