Sometimes a product can be too good…

Remember how I said I was going to color my hair blue? Well the hair color came this morning and I colored my hair this afternoon and it didn’t come out the way I was expecting.

I only use Garnier Nutrisse products and on their web site you can ‘try on’ a color. According to the shade selector my hair should have come out looking like this – (and yes, I pixelated my face)

Computer generated version of what the color was SUPPOSED to look like

Which would have been wonderful – just what I wanted but Noooo. The product is so good that all the silver is colored dark, dark blue. As a matter of fact you can’t tell that I ever had ANY silver in my hair. As a matter of fact my hair looks blue-black.

So if you want to color the silver/grey out of your hair, do try Garnier Nutrisse. Next time I’ll try ‘Light Cool Denim’ .

I don’t know that I’m gonna bother with any photos of what my hair looks like now because it just looks – blue-black – not very flattering, I’m too old for such dark hair but it will wash out so no harm done.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes a product can be too good…

    1. Lord only knows what it would look like in real life – but it has to be better than Intense dark indigo LOL Old people should not have really dark hair – it makes us look even older – this was supposed to be fun but this damn hair coloring REALLY colors your hair! And since I’m growing it out it is sticking up all over the place and my hair looks like 27 different kinds of ugly! BUT – the dye will wash out, my hair will grow out and I can try a new foolish color…

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