Miscellaneous Mishegoss

❣ I actually went for a walk – outside  – today.  I meant to turn up Henderson but I turned up Pershing instead which made for a shorter walk.  After 10 years of walking around this neighborhood there’s nothing much to see. The apartment complexes haven’t done any Fall gardening and the single family houses haven’t done any Halloween decorating. It’s kinda blah.

At the rear entrance of my building there are four huge planters that are re-planted several times a year – right now they look like this –

And all that lush greenery will soon be removed and thrown away and something else will be planted. I always think it’s such a waste to throw away healthy plants.

All the apartment complexes around here use the same landscaping service and they all go through this same “throw out healthy plants and put in something new” (and, supposedly, seasonal.)

It does make for pretty looking properties but still – the waste. I feel bad for the plants.

❣ I bought another book! I mean a real, printed, hold in your hands book. I’m supposed to be getting rid of books not acquiring more.

I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be an updated edition and it’s not. Pooh! The book is “A Small Fiction” and it has a FB page and IG and Twitter accounts.  The only thing on my FB page is excerpts that were posted on their social media but aren’t in the book.  Some of them are really funny, some thoughtful and some make no sense at all. This is my favorite…

Speaking of books – the book I talked about last week, the one I sent to a few friends? They all loved it! Which was a great relief to me, sending a gift a person doesn’t like – that would make me sad.  The book is “All the Colors of Life” by Lisa Aisato.  Here is a short Youtube   video about the book…just a minute and 24 seconds but it will give you an idea of the book and it’s beauty and charm.

❣ The video I posted yesterday – such a beautiful, sad and sweet story. I’ve had it in my Youtube favorites for years and yesterday while I was looking for a song I could have sworn I’d saved, I watched it again and plunked it here because yesterday was a sad day; a weird day, at the end of which I started deleting myself off the interwebz.

I get like that sometimes. I want to erase myself. But this morning I put myself back. Unerased myself.

But today was a good day, as much as any day is a good day.

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  1. I understand–the idea of throwing good plants out kind of doesn’t seem right to me either. I guess, though, we routinely kill plants and eat them, so it’s not like we hold them sacred. Maybe we could compare the re-landscaping to deer hunting for sport or that obnoxious euphemism, thinning out the deer herd, both of which really go against my grain. I think my family tree is pretty far removed from any agrarian roots it may have once had.

    We have beautiful weather here this week–I’ve been going outside every chance I get.

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    1. I’m paying for those plants via my condo fees and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies. We’ll see what what they replace them with for the Winter. As for being out and about – you live in a city – always interesting to walk in a city – my neighborhood hasn’t changed an iota in the ten years I’ve been living here – it’s very residential and in places there are no sidewalks. And in my tedious lament we are 1 mile from where the action is – and that is one expensive mile – condos in a more convenient, interesting and active area are twice the price as the condos in my neighborhood. We were pennywise and pound foolish when we bought this place.

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  2. How could anyone not love that book? It’s wonderful. My girlfriend loved it too. The erasing self thing – I get that. I haven’t encountered too many other people who erase themselves. I do.
    I love that demented quote about the pieces of the body. So unexpected. The humor of it is the shock and unexpectation.

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    1. I have a dear friend who I did not send a copy of the book too. I’m not sure why, she is an amazing person and a fabulous writer and yet…I have always felt invisible – literally sometimes. When I put myself to far out into the world I get anxious and pull back into my invisibility.

      RE: Demented quote. That’s what I like about ‘A Small Fiction” – most of the entries are just like that – unexpected, a twist yet perfectly logical. All of a sudden, as I’m typing, I’m reminded of the poetry of Stephen Crane (famous for the novel “Red Badge of Courage and not widely known for his poetry.) – In the Desert by Stephen Crane.

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        1. Joyce Carol Oates liked that poem enough to use the last lines for a book title …Also by Stephen Crane and another favorite of mine –

          A man said to the universe:
          “Sir I exist!”
          “However,” replied the universe,
          “The fact has not created in me
          A sense of obligation.”

          I think my taste in books and poetry says a lot about me, no? 😹

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    1. I always think they could pot them and sell them or just pass them on to whoever would like them. Isn’t that coleus fabulous? And thank you for your kindness.


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