Am I blue…

My husband switched out his dark green house hoodie for a navy blue one and I noticed that he looks very good in navy blue. Last year when I bought him new Winter and Summer t-shirts (LL Bean – marvelous quality) I bought him navy blue. He prefers light grey – too bad.

Then I thought – “Why do most men, when asked their favorite color say ‘blue?” Maybe that old blue for boys, pink for girls thing has an innate aspect to it.

Tho I, being a girl, HATE pink. Always have. I think it is a weak wussy color.  From the time I could distinguish color and voice an opinion red was my color. Did I ever tell you the story about my throwing a tantrum over a red snowsuit? I do not remember this, but the story as told to me goes like this –

I must have been two or three and my mother and father and I were in a store buying me a snowsuit.  A snowsuit of some color or other was put on me and I threw an epic temper tantrum. I guess I had indicated I wanted a red one but I was ignored.  The saleslady said “I wouldn’t let my kid get away with that” My father said “Well she’s not your kid, get that off of her and give her the red one”  Go Dad!

When I was 50-ish I developed an antipathy towards the color red and proceeded to purge it from my wardrobe and home decor, which was quite an undertaking I assure you. Nowadays I absolutely cannot abide the color red and won’t have it around me.

I think this post was just an excuse to share this song which has been playing in my head for the past several days –

But if there must be pink then let it be this Pink (watch the performance to the end, I saw this live on tv and it has stuck in my memory…brilliant)

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  1. Fuchsia is the worst. My mom used to buy me that shade of pink in clothes until she finally accepted that I wasn’t her. Love it on a flower, hate it on clothes.
    Now – the artist Pink – Peterson still won’t talk to me, but I can hear a snarky or otherwise humorous comment about that water bit at the end of Pink’s performance here. Or rather…see the text, as clear as a bell in my imagination.
    I myself might feel a little sarcastic about the end. I can’t think of any artist now or in the past who I would want doused in water and their sweat mingled with water dripped down on me.
    Maybe when I was 22….I might have thought this desirable coming from some hunky 60’s rock star like Roger Daltry in his youth.
    That aside, lovely clothing and voice in that performance.

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    1. “Or rather…see the text, as clear as a bell in my imagination.” – I don’t follow what this is referring to…I don’t get what the water part was supposed to be about but I think it is a visually stunning performance as well as musically. And god, yes that is a gorgeous dress…

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  2. LOL, I like the story about the snowsuit.
    My favorite color has always been blue. I can’t help wondering if it was because it was my dads favorite color.
    While I found her voice beautiful, I couldn’t understand word Pink was singing. The joy of not being able to hear worth a dam.

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    1. Blue goes with your eyes! It’s not about your hearing, I can’t understand most of the words ANYONE sings…if I catch some of the lyrics and they interest me I’ll look up the lyrics and then listen again and it all comes together. Only the old crooners could really make themselves understood…


  3. i am not that huge on blue, as l read that line l thought, so what is my favourite colour then in clothing? Good question, l am still unsure – colours l can’t stand however are powder blue and white and beige especially in tops although l will wear a darkened taupe in cargo pants. I like pink and used to wear it a lot, not so much these days .. but then these days l am not going out and l am hardly indoors and l am mostly outside and so l tend to wear less bright colours – although tee shirts are brighter.

    Admittedly l like splashes of red now, but not full on red, and l prefer dark blue for trousers all my walking trousers are dark blue, my work trousers or rather volunteer trousers are dark grey and my gardening trousers are whatever l am wearing at the time.

    Go dad and the red snowsuit decision!

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    1. I think my husband had one pink dress shirt but his office dress shirts were mostly various shades of blue. His ties on the other hand were FABULOUS – I picked them out of course – !

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      1. Yes l had wonderful ties also. I gave them all away to a WordPress Reader a few years ago and she was to make a skirt from them all. i don’t think it ever happened. But all of my toes were vibrantly alive.


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