December in October

We’re in our 5th day of rain and December temperatures. At 3pm it’s 54º – that’s the average temperature here in December.  October temperatures are supposed to average around 70º – so brrr!

Staring out the window I thought – Christmas. But the light is wrong. It’s not December light.  I’m very aware of how the light changes from month to month, season to season – how about you?

I actually wrote a poem about the changing of the light –

Nov 26, 2013


I sit at the dining room table with the lights off.
Staring out the window, the November light is Decemberish.
And then I remember that December is only 4 days away.

It is a sort of rainy, sort of cold day.
It is sort of an uneasy day.

It is 2 o’clock in the afternoon as
I sit at the dining room table
with the lights off – it feels so much later.

But even tho the November light seems
like December, the day does not.
I think December does not feel so unsettled.
But I don’t remember.

I can feel light, I experience light, its weight and substance.
I can smell light and sometimes I think I can hold light.
Light talks to me and tells me stories.

Today the light tells me a story of December
Of darker days and longer nights
Until the subtle shift. December light whispers

Why can’t I remember how December light feels?

We’ve been living here 10 years now and I am so over this place but not the view from my windows…

12 thoughts on “December in October

  1. To be honest, I’ve never noticed a difference in the light from month to month. The only difference I notice is how long it’s light for.
    I will say that last week it sure did feel more like December than the end of September.

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    1. Light fascinates me…It is particularly Decemberish today…we are promised real OCtober weather for a few days next week – we shall see…


  2. Your poem is beautiful! It’s so descriptive that I feel like I can see the difference in the light. If you ever publish a book of your poetry, I’ll buy a signed copy!

    Our mornings feel like winter but afternoon is definitely fall. It starts off foggy and cool and turns sunny, crisp and fall like. Won’t be long and the rain will return though. My summer passed in a blur so I’m not quite ready for rainy season.

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    1. If I ever publish a book of my poetry you won’t have to buy it – it’ll show up in the mail LOL We still haven’t had the wonderful crisp sunny Fall weather yet…today is another day of rain and drear – 6th in a row courtesy of hurricane Ian. You did have a hectic Summer, I hope things are calming down into a routine now.


  3. Our apartment patio only gets sunshine when the sun lines up with the gaps between the tall buildings that surround us. Summer delivers more sunlight for longer durations, but now I watch these narrow swaths of sunlight arc across the patio, delivering a bar of sunlight as if spray painting it on in a swoop.
    I like your tree view.

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    1. So MANY trees – right now they are full and flush – it’s a goddamn forest back there! And since this is my blog (and not your blog) I feel pretty safe in saying – I like your photography better than your writing. Photographically speaking – you have a good ‘eye’.

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  4. Would you mind sending me a quick e-mail just so I have your e-mail Addy? It isn’t autosaved for some reason. You know I am going to send you something if nothing more than a nice thank you card.
    As to the weather, ugh, send it up here. Send the pacific northwest All The Rain. Jeez. The wildfire smoke is back and last week we had 75 and 80 degree days. It’s so ridiculous and I miss winter. Whew.

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    1. It’s been raining pretty much non-stop for over a year now – around 3 this afternoon the sun came out! 6 days of steady rain and Winter temps courtesy of hurricane Ian. But even without him we are just damp here…(email sent – all my contact info) 💜

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